Hierarchy of Airline Company

An Airline company is a company which owns airplanes and is responsible for taking passengers from one destination to the other. Besides those present on board the flight, there are many other individuals working in an airline company to manage the wide range of duties and jobs.

Airlines rely on the individual efforts of many individuals working at different positions and levels.  From ticket agents to baggage handlers and from flight crew to avionics technicians, the job positions are endless. The following is a detailed hierarchy of an airline company.

Hierarchy of Airline Company

C Level Positions

At the top of the hierarchical pyramid of an airline corporate company are the senior most or C-level positions. These positions are occupied by the business owners, partners, CEOs, board members, chairman of the board and other powerful individuals who take the main decisions for the company and set goals for it to meet. The following are some of the C-level positions:

  • Owner of airline company/Director
  • Chair of Board
  • Board members
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Partners
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • Marketing head
  • Accounts head
  • Sales Head
  • Human Resources Director

Other Positions

Besides the above mentioned positions, there are several other job positions in an airline company and they are given as follows:

Flight Attendants

Flight attendants are those individuals who work onboard the flight and take care of the needs of the passengers.

Airline Administrative Support

Some of the positions that fall under this category are:

  • Secretaries
  • PR specialists
  • Data entry workers
  • Communications managers

Operations Agent

Also known as an Airline Operations Agent, Operations Agent are those who communicate with pilots, personnel and ground crew to rectify situations and make sure flight is safe.

Avionics Technicians

Avionics technicians are the individuals who handle the electronics systems of aircraft and their responsibilities include repairing, troubleshooting, replacing, and installing avionic equipment.

Regional Sales Manager

Their job is to oversee the functioning of district’s reservations and management of ticket sales offices.

Flight Dispatcher

Flight dispatchers are responsible for preparing a flight plan including the destinations, winds aloft, layovers, expected fuel consumption, distance, weather, altitude etc.

Ground / Airport Station Attendant

The main job of an airport station management attendant is to assist passengers in the terminal with general questions regarding directions and queries etc.

Aviation Meteorologist

Aviation meteorologists provide weather information like forecast, speed of wind etc. to airline flight dispatchers and pilots.

Passenger Service Agent

The main task to be performed by these individuals is to help passengers with selling and preparing tickets, checking baggage, providing travel related information etc.

Sales Representative

Airline sales representatives are the individuals who help generate business for the airline company.

Airline Ticket Agent

These individuals work at an airline’s ticket or baggage counter and are responsible for checking luggage, allotting seats and handling reservation changes etc.

Airline Flight Instructor

An airline flight instructor provides top quality training to the pilots of airlines. Airline flight instructors also work as senior pilots in some cases.

Pilots and Copilots

The main job of pilots and copilots is to fly the aircrafts safely and transfer the passengers to their destination on time.