Aztec Military Hierarchy

In the Aztec civilization, traditional military hierarchies were very interwoven and created a system which offered many paths or ways for the Aztec warriors.  There are multitudes of ranks to rise to and the way one moved forward depended a lot upon how one performed in the battlefield.

The military hierarchy or structure was a mix of traditional military style rankings and warrior orders and classes.  If you wish to find out how the Aztec military was structured and what kind of a hierarchical order was followed, you can go through the information that has been provided as follows:

Aztec military hierarchy

Huey Ttatoani

The highest position in the Aztec military hierarchy structure was that of the Huey Ttatoani.  He was the commander in chief of the Aztec army and was the supreme power. He took all the major decisions, made battlefield strategies and led the army from the front.


At the next position in the Aztec military hierarchy was the Cihuacoatl.  He was basically like the prime minister and second in command in the Aztec military and reported directly to the commander. He made sure that all strategies made by the commander were practical and could be implemented. He was like the right hand of the Huey Ttatoani.

Supreme War Council

In the Aztec military, the next position was occupied by the supreme war council.  This council consisted of a group of a four members known as Tetecuhtin with a high military rank. These individuals took decisions on war and also kept track of expenses and finances.


This position of the Topileh was of the constable who owned the staff in the Aztec army and was responsible for their supervision, welfare and physical training.


This position in the Aztec military hierarchy was of the chief who led the army in the battlefield, gave them orders; assigned different positions to different warriors based on their talent and handled different groups.


This position was of the commanding general who used his sense and war knowledge to give commands when the war on the battlefield was on. He used his strategic thinking and presence of mind to instruct warriors on the war ground.


He was the keeper of the house of darts or the general. He took care of the house of darts.

Other positions:

  • Aztec youths
  • Aztec assistants
  • Aztec warrior priests
  • Aztec warriors

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