Bank Employee Hierarchy

Bank employee hierarchy will include all the employees of a bank working all together for a smooth functioning of all bank operations. The banking jobs have always been considered a status symbol and are highly accredited in the society. These are among some few favorite career options that people love to choose along with being an engineer, doctor or a cricketer.

The bank employee hierarchy will be a proper arrangement of all the job profiles in the bank to portray a systematic hierarchy.  It is broadly divided into three levels. In this article the arrangement is done in an upside down manner. The topmost level is placed at the top while the junior most level is at the bottom of the hierarchy. All of the specific job profiles of each level are described under the level, again in a descending order.

Let us have a quick look at the bank employee hierarchy which is as follows

Bank Employee Hierarchy

Administrator Level Job Profiles

These are the topmost authority holder banking professionals and work to handle all the administrative level work for the bank. Their duties are more on operational side. The banking professionals at this level incorporate the following job profiles:

  • Bank Branch manager
  • Financial Planning Director
  • Auto Remarketing Manager
  • Card Operations Manager
  • Senior Business Development Manager
  • Commercial Lending Director Senior

Executive Level Job Profiles

 Well this level in the bank employee hierarchy incorporates all of the executive level job profiles. Majority of them are professionals who get promoted from the lower level of the hierarchy after years of service. The banking professionals at this level incorporate the following job profiles:

  • Associate Branch Manager
  • Auto Remarketing Specialist
  • Compliance Research Manager
  • Business Development Specialist
  • Branch Coordinator
  • Card Operations Specialist
  • ATM Specialist
  • Business Development Executive
  • Commercial Loan Manager
  • Commercial Credit Analyst
  • Senior Business Development Executive
  • Consumer Loan Manager
  • Financial Planning Manager
  • Customer Wealth Manager
  • Credit Card Manager
  • Human Resource Manager

Lower most Level Job Profiles

 This level is the lower most authority holder in the bank employee hierarchy. These jobs are represented by professionals whom we can refer to as entry level associates also. They have little or zero experience in the wide banking sector. These are more involved into day to day basis operations for the bank. The banking professionals at lower most level incorporate the following job profiles:

  • Cash Management Officer
  • Taxation Executive
  • Loan Executive
  • Cheque Processing Officer
  • Assistant BDE (Business Development Executive)
  • Consumer Loan Executive
  • Compliance Officer
  • Credit Card Fraud Investigator
  • Financial Services Representative
  • Credit Card Fraud Analyst
  • Foreign exchange Trader
  • Marketable Loan Servicing Delegate
  • ATM Coordinator
  • Investment Services Executive
  • Foreclosure Specialist
  • Head Clerk
  • Junior Clerks
  • Security Associates
  • Bank Teller
  • Customer Support Associate
  • Account Opening Executive