Bank Hierarchy Jobs

Bank are the financial institutions as well as financial intermediary that effectively accepts the deposit from clients and then channel that deposit into various ardent lending activities by means of loans or even indirectly through capital markets. A bank is an exquisite connection between customers that have capital deficits and customers with capital surpluses.

Due to their great influence, there has been a huge demand of banking jobs among people of all age group. A banking career is considered quite reputational and elegant all over the world. Well there are many levels of jobs in the banking career path and all cannot be explained here but still the major job titles of a bank hierarchy jobs are explained below in brief with a little description.

The officers in the bank are segregated into several levels. The levels depend on the profile on which they work along with the department for which they serve their particular profile. The categories which have been defined in the bank hierarchy jobs are as follows along with the individual profiles under the appropriate levels.

Bank Hierarchy Jobs
Bank Hierarchy Jobs

Manager Level Profiles

The Bank employees at this level are the professionals who serve the highest level job profiles in a bank. These job profiles are majorly planning and supervision oriented profile. The officers at this level work out on the various issues pertaining to the viability, profitability and brand management. They are also associated with overlooking the bank managers. The job profiles at this level include:

  • Branch manager
  • Auto Remarketing Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Card Operations Manager
  • Commercial Lending Director
  • Financial Planning Director

Senior Level Profiles

With the advent of many different banking and financial activities with the corporate world, the number of profiles at this level has increased. The managerial level positions in different departments are included in this level. The job profiles at this level include:

  • Assistant Branch Manager
  • ATM Specialist
  • Auto Remarketing Specialist
  • Branch Coordinator
  • Business Development Specialist
  • Card Operations Specialist
  • Commercial Credit Analyst
  • Commercial Loan Manager
  • Compliance Research Manager
  • Consumer Loan Manager
  • Credit Card Manager
  • Financial Planning Manager
  • Customer Wealth Manager

Junior Level Profiles

These are the job profiles which are served by entry level banking professionals and these levels include most of the interaction with individual customers of bank. These are majorly the job profiles in which the basic banking functions are performed by the professionals that can be categorized under day-to-day activities of banks. These are the operational level jobs and often the first step in the bank hierarchy jobs.

  • ATM Coordinator
  • Business Development Executive
  • Cash Management Officer
  • Cheque Processing Officer
  • Loan Executive
  • Commercial Loan Servicing Representative
  • Compliance Officer
  • Consumer Loan Executive
  • Credit Card Fraud Investigator
  • Credit Card Fraud Analyst
  • Financial Services Representative
  • Foreclosure Specialist
  • Taxation Executive
  • Foreign Exchange Trader
  • Investment Services Executive