Bonanno Family Hierarchy

Bonanno crime family is one of the five families which dominated and still continues to dominate the organized crime activities in New York, USA.  The criminal phenomenon of which the Bonanno family was part of was  popularly known as American Mafia.

The gang was founded and named after Joseph Bonanno and he led the family in the criminal activities for about 30 years.  The criminal family followed a hierarchical structure and order according to which roles and responsibilities of the gang were divided. The following is a detailed account of the Bonanno family hierarchy.

Bonanno family hierarchy


The highest position in the criminal group Bonanno is that of the Boss. The Boss is the ultimate decision maker and the supreme power in the group and is the one who delegates duties to other subordinate members. The current Boss of the Bonanno family is Thomas Defiore. He not only takes the ultimate responsibility for the actions of the gang but also is the most respected member.

Acting Boss/Underboss

In case the Boss is injured, imprisoned or incapable of following out his rights and duties, then the acting boss or underboss takes his position. He directly communicates with the boss and makes sure all his orders are properly implemented.

Street Boss

The street boss is responsible for not just passing on orders to lower ranking members but also assembles the ruling panel of capos is the boss dies or goes to prison. The street boss takes care of on field matters and makes sure that the right employees are hired to perform main tasks.


The next highest position in the Bonanno family hierarchy is the Consigliere. The consigliere is the right hand of the street boss and is an important part of the gang. He handles the main activities and criminal operations and makes sure all gang actions are carried out on time and within budget. The current Consigliere is imprisoned.


Those who work under the street boss and consigliere are the capos and these are those individuals who may be required to murder, do assassinations, kidnappings and other such activities. There can be multiple capos in the Bonanno family and working in each area or district where the gang functions


On the bottom level of the Bonanno family hierarchy are the soldiers. These are the individuals who do the main tasks of informing their superior gang members and work like their eyes and ears.

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