Boston Beer Company Hierarchy

Boston Beer Co. Is a producer and seller of alcoholic beverages and is one which is known for its top quality products. The company has been known for not just its products but for also its smooth functioning, which is the main to have a strong company and corporate hierarchy.  The duties and responsibilities are properly distributed within the executives to ensure proper management and smooth operations. If you wish to understand the hierarchy of the Boston Beer company, you can go through the following given information.

Boston Beer company hierarchy



This is the highest position in the Boston Beer company and is currently occupied by C.James Koch who is the founder and established the company in 1985.  He is the main decision maker and one who is responsible for the success and losses faced by the firm.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Martin F. Roper is the current president at Boston Beer and was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Company in January 2001. This is a top position in the company and comes just after that of the Chairman. The president takes the main decisions and has supreme power in the company.

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Currently it is William F. Urich who works on the position of the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of the Company and has been on this position since September 2003. This position mainly deals with handling the financial aspect of the firm and planning and deciding the financial related matters.

Vice President of Sales

John C. Geist was appointed as the Vice President of Sales in February 2007, and is the one who looks after all major sales related tasks and decisions.  He ensures that the sales of the company are always maintained and improved.

Vice President of Brewing

Brewing is a main department within the Boston Beer company and it is David L. Grinnell who works at this position. Anyone employed at this position must ensure that the brewing related activities and plants run smoothly at all times.

Vice President of Operations

Thomas W. Lance is the current Vice President of Operations and is responsible for proper coordination, communication and implement of various operations in the company.

Vice President of Human Resources

The Human Resources department plays a main role in the proper running and functioning of any company and so is true for Boston Beer as well. Ms. Lim is the Company’s Vice President of Human Resources and is the one who is responsible for acquiring, training and hiring of employees and seeing to it that the work conditions are suitable for them.

Vice President of Brand Development

Mr. Pagano is the current Vice President of Brand Development at Boston Beer company. He looks after marketing, brand promotions and brand development and is responsible for leading and heading this department.

Vice President – Legal and Corporate Secretary

Ms. Kathleen Wade holds the position of the Vice President of Legal and corporate secretary and provides her expertise in legal matters and other such operations.