Capgemini Career Hierarchy

Capgemini is a French multinational consulting company which has its headquarters in Paris, France and its offices all across the world. The company currently employees over 145000 people in 40 nations and is a good career option for those looking for work in the consulting field. Working at Capgemini Consulting will not only enable you to fully utilize your potential but will also help you grow professionally.

From the entry level position to the highest position, there exists a hierarchical structure which means that to climb to the next highest spot, you need to work for a few years at the current position. Your personal performance will be the main skill and force in your career at Capgemini. The following is a detailed hierarchical chart of the company.

Capgemini Career Hierarchy

Vice President

Vice Presidents at Capgemini Consulting are the top most leaders and business forces which lead the company into the right directions and avenues. To become a vice president at this company, you need years of experience, knowledge, skills and a good track record.


Below the position of the vice president is the position of the Principal who is another important and crucial business leader for a company of this scale and stature. The main job or responsibility of the principal is to develop top class business relations by delivering high level and high impact projects with the help of large teams. The Principal is also responsible for generating large and rightly qualified teams to work on the projects.

Managing Consultant

The position of the managing consultant is a highly respected and reputed position at Capgemini and in order to become one, one has to excel in some of the competency dimensions. The main responsibilities of a managing consultant include taking care of the business volume through add-on sales, leading a team of consultants or client counsellors, delivering projects on time and managing all other aspects of the business.

Senior Consultant

After the managing consultant’s job position comes the position of the senior consultant who has gained a lot of experience and insight into a specific area of consulting.  A senior consultant does not need to take orders to lead a team and works independently or with a team. These individuals usually lead small teams and are responsible for completing projects with the help of the team members within the deadline. A senior consultant deals with clients, understands his/her requirements and then delivers accordingly.


Consultants work on projects under the supervision of senior consultants or managing consultants and develop new skills as they move forward. They may do the work of understand client requirements, providing solutions and using their academic knowledge to work in a team.


The position of an analyst of an associate consultant is the entry level or most basic career option for anyone wishing to work at Capgemini. Analysts need to acquire experience by working on projects and being in contact with clients. They may be supervised by consultants and senior consultants but in some countries, this position may not exist.