Catering Company Hierarchy

A catering company is a kind of a company which is engaged in catering food and drinks to clients on request. Such companies not only include the cooks and servers but also a whole management team which handles the main tasks such as marketing, client communication and management etc. the various departments and job positions of a catering company are divided into a hierarchical manner which means that those at the top have maximum experience and responsibilities whereas those at the lower end may have small roles and responsibilities. The following is a detailed account of the hierarchy of a catering company.

Catering company hierarchy

Top Level Positions

In a catering company, there is always an owner or a director who owns the company and makes most of the decisions. Besides the owner, there are several other senior level employees who make policies, take care of benefits, make company objectives etc. the following are some of the top level positions in a catering company:

  • Owner/President/Director
  • Vice President
  • Partner
  • Finance director
  • Marketing director
  • HR director

Executive Level Positions

Besides the top level or senior positions, a catering company also has executive level positions. Executive level positions are those which are associated with handling day to day administration, finance, accounts and sales etc. the following are the main executive level positions:

  • Marketing managers
  • Office managers
  • Sales managers
  • Accounts managers
  • Finance manager
  • Catering sales executive
  • Head of cooks
  • Purchase manager

Catering Assistants

Besides the above positions, a catering company also has catering related positions such as that of catering assistants.  Catering assistants are those individuals who provide clerical as well as administrative support to the catering managers.  Some of the main responsibilities and duties of catering assistants include handling contracts, managing catering records, making and receiving calls. Assistants must be able to use catering software to handle catering records etc.

Bakers and Cooks

Bakers and cooks form the backbone of a catering company and are also the mainstay of the business. These individuals are responsible for making dishes according to the request and requirements of the clients. The following are some cooks and bakers:

  • Head chef
  • Su chef
  • Pastry chef
  • Bakers
  • Assistant cooks

Banquet Servers

These individuals work for the catering company and play the role of serving food to the guests.  They help catering managers and must possess good interpersonal skills and experience of the industry.  These individuals must be well dressed and well behaved as well.

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