Chinese Business Hierarchy

Chinese Business hierarchy explains ardently all the important levels of business used primarily in China. Almost every flourishing Chinese company has got a well customized hierarchical managerial structure which is normally referred to as Chinese Business hierarchy. In this structure the pinnacle leaders maneuver the organization’s direction. In simple words they lead the organization’s managers where as those managers’ further lead the organization’s workers.

We can call it a triangular set with a genre of top-down pattern. So the top most level officials will be decision makers while the middle will get it executed from the lower level officials. Middle & lower level will have to follow the orders of top level officials. This hierarchical arrangement has been considered one of the major reasons of the china successfully becoming the world’s factory over the last 50 years.

All the business processes are in a systematically arranged manner that works like an automatic machine. The upside of the Chinese Business hierarchy is that Chinese businesses will always be administered by extremely disciplined officials since if they don’t work tough to perform, they will be going to lose their job. This hierarchy of Chinese business is described below in brief with these three levels along with their sub levels plus their Chinese names in a top down manner. Take a quick look –

Chinese Business Hierarchy
Chinese Business Hierarchy

Higher Level Management

This level is also termed as administrative level since the officials of this level are employed in administering entire working of the organization. Entire decision making is in their hands. They do the planning for the benefit of the organization & hand over the plan to middle level for execution. This level in Chinese Business hierarchy has following

  • Chairman (Managing Director) – 主席兼董事总监
  • CEO (Chief Executive Officer) – 首席执行官
  • Personal Director – 人事总监

Middle level management

This is called execution level since the planning done by for the organization by top level professionals is executed by these officials. They work as a senior employee for the organization. This level in Chinese corporate hierarchy has following –

  • Marketing Director – 营销总监
  • Sales Manager – 销售总监
  • Chief Accountant – 会计经理
  • Research & Development Manager –研发部经理
  • Human Resources Manager – 人力资源经理
  • Technical Director – 技术总监

Lower level management

This supervisory level has professionals who work under the orders of executive level professionals. They work as a team under the supervision of senior professionals. This level in Chinese Business hierarchy has following –

  • Production Director – 生产总监
  • Office Manager – 办公室经理
  • Factory Manager –工厂经理
  • Client Service Manager – 客户服务经理
  • Company Secretary – 总秘书