Colombo Crime Family Hierarchy

There were a total of Five Families in New York City during the 60s and even in later years which dominated the crime scene in USA and among them, the youngest family was the Colombo Crime family.  This was a Mafia family which was responsible for widespread crime across the country and was formed initially by Joseph Profaci in 1928.

Like all the other crime families, even this family, even until today follows a hierarchy system or structure. According to this structure, the head of the family or the leader is the one who holds maximum power. The rest of the positions in the hierarchy are subsequently allotted. To understand the hierarchy of the Colombo family better, you can go through the following given information.

colombo crime family hierarchy


At the top of the pyramid sits the Boss who is the one according to whom everyone else functions and conducts operations. The Boss is the leader and the head who makes all the major decisions and holds the main power. He is responsible for the profit and success of the family and no one can go against him.

Street Boss

The Street Boss was the second in command of the Colombo family hierarchy and is another person who holds a lot of importance and value. He takes away the attention of the law enforcement from the Boss and to himself in order to deceive the police.


The Underboss is also the second in command after the Boss and is someone to whom the Boss trusts with many aspects of the business and operations.  He directly reports to the Boss and performs a varied number of tasks. The underboss also communicates with the heads of many divisions of the business.


The Consigliere’s position in the Colombo family hierarchy is similar to that of the Underboss and he too reports to the Boss himself. The Consigliere heads the divisions and is responsible for on field action’s success.


The Capos or Captains lead one or more than one division each and are responsible for success of their own division. They report to the Consigliere or the Underboss


There are multiple soldiers among the Colombo crime family and these soldiers are the one who are responsible for acting as messengers and playing the on field roles. They are the ones who carry out the robberies, murders, kidnappings, drug cartels and other such tasks.

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