Construction Business Hierarchy

Construction business is essential part of economical growth of any country. It is essential for development of cities, industries and communities. This business is physical work to transport designs made by architects or engineers in the reality. Hence construction business hierarchy has great importance. This business is perfect combination of skillful workers with unskilled labors. For success of this business effective planning is very important.

The size of construction business hierarchy depends on the volume of business. Large construction companies as well as property development firms will have huge organizational and management team. On the other hand small companies will offered for small management.

The construction business hierarchy incorporates all management levels in healthy organized way. This business is carried out by effective workers by working collectively with each other.  Hence every construction business requires very skillful team to execute and complete projects in time.

Construction Business Hierarchy
Construction Business Hierarchy

Managing director

He is the proprietor of Construction Company. He provides vision and leadership to his staff. Any company reaches new heights under the leadership of dynamic managing director. He is also responsible for operational management of all projects undertaken by company. He is also responsible for managing company’s strategic plan, budgets, annual business plans as well as their effective execution. Majorly he works on framing the growth based goals and objectives for the organization. He works closely with other senior construction management levels employees and gives them the right direction for the growth of the organization.

Project director

The major duty of project director is to complete project within specified time. As well as he has to look after that budget of that particular project will not over exceed. He has authority to appoint staff, technical team and officer to smooth execution of project.

Quality manager

He is responsible for applying statistical quality control methods as well as maintaining records of testing data. He has to develop post construction reports. He has to recognize forces essential to implement task components.

Financial team

This team has to maintain cash flow for smooth operation of project. They have to study about expected monetary flow for life of project as well as to check the payouts during the process.  This team has to make balance sheet, statement of cash flows, statement of equity as well as statement of income.

Designing team

It is the most important section of construction business. They have to make plans for future projects according to requirement of client as well as available resources. Because of modern trend in designs as well as increasing complexity of projects create need of skillful and dedicated design professionals.

Legal manager

He has to look after that project must fit according to legal framework. Their work includes study of government regulation about construction and follow obligation set by government in the process of construction.

Project supervisor

He has to carryout day to day work on the construction site. His major role is arranging the construction material as well as required labors. His major duty is to complete project within deadline.