Construction Company Hierarchy

Construction Company involves in constructing buildings and infrastructure for the development of cities and industries. Construction is an emerging industry and also an essential part of the economical growth of any country. This industry requires talented engineers and architects to develop the designs for the construction project. Construction business is off and on-site project. To manage the construction project smoothly and effectively, Construction Company has the hierarchy. The construction jobs hierarchy incorporates various job profiles like project manager, civil engineer, site engineer, construction manager, architects engineer etc.  The hierarchy in Construction Company is defined as below briefly. Let us just have a quick look-.

Construction Company Hierarchy

  • President/Chief executive officer
  • Managing director
  • Project director
  • Quality manager
  • Financial team
  • Designing team
  • Legal manager
  • Project supervisor
  • Project Coordinator

President/Chief Executive Officer

This is the top level in the hierarchy in Construction Company. This person is responsible for overall business growth. He deals with clients and stake holders. President/CEO of the Construction Company is answerable to the board of directors and company’s owner.

Managing Director

Managing director of the Construction Company acts as a leader for the employees. For a successful business companies requires a dynamic managing director who reaches the heights and achieves the company’s goal. He also supervises the operational management team of all projects undertaken by company. For getting the productive results, managing director works with other senior management professionals in the right direction. His role also includes creating and executing the strategic plans. He also discusses the annual business plans and budget with senior people.

Project Director

A project director always tries to complete the project in the given budget and given time. He always keeps an eye on the project team and gives them proper guidance. Project director discuss the all project related issues in the meetings and sort out them. He has given the responsibility to hire the technical officials to smooth execution of project.

Quality Manager

The role of the quality manager in the Construction Company is to use the statistical methods to control the quality. He is responsible for maintaining testing data records and construction reports.

Financial Team

Hierarchy in the construction company also possesses a financial team which has its own importance. Their main construction job is to maintain the cash flow which is quite helpful for smooth operation of construction project.

Designing Team

This team is the team of dedicated and skillful professional designer those are responsible for making the designs for future projects as per client’s requirement.

Legal manager

He keeps an eye on the project so that the project runs smoothly and must fit in to legal framework.

Project supervisor

Project supervisor’s main role in the construction company is to supervise and arrange the construction material and the labors.

Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator is the professional who is responsible for executing the day to day operations and for getting the work done from low level staff. This personnel coordinates with the working staff and the construction management.