Corporate Hierarchy in Event Company

At present there are a number of companies who in lieu of money organize certain social or cultural events and they are known as event management companies. Their responsibility is to plan, design and manage a certain event according to the brief given to them by their clients. There are several layers of work that these companies do and therefore, the company is structured in a hierarchical process. The structure and the number of the employees in each layer may vary according to the size of the company, but all in all, in the bigger companies, the hierarchical structure remains the same.

Corporate Hierarchy in Event Company

The structure of an event management company is as follows. Right at the top of the company is event director, and under him there are several coordinators.

  1. Event director- This is the highest and the most important position in an event management company. It is the duty of the event director to see to it that the event is organized properly, and every aspect of it runs smoothly. Under him or her, there are several coordinators looking after various sections of the event.
  2. Coordinators- A coordinator is supposed to have a department under him or her, looking after a specific part of the management. The team could have permanent employees or could consist of a number of temporary employees. Some of the departments of the coordinators is illustrated below

1. Programme coordination department- The department is in charge of the coordination of all events in a specific programme. This department include a number of employees such as

  • Event planner
  • Event coordinator
  • Ceremony manger
  • Computer scorer.
  • Programme coordinator

2. Venue coordination department- This department has to book the venue, deal with the issues of environmental control, risk control etc. Under this department work

  • Booking manager
  • Environment controller
  • Risk manager
  • Set up team manager
  • Volunteer manager

3. Equipment coordination department- This department is present in the large business management companies. This department is important because in an event a number of equipments are used, and they must have coordination. Some employees of this department are

  • Transport manager
  • Sound manager
  • Cleaning managers
  • Dancers
  • Musicians
  • Drivers
  • Cleaning team members

4. Promotion coordination department- It is important to promote and advertise about an event, thus this department is created. The employees of this department are

  • Promotion coordinator
  • Marketing manager
  • Media expert
  • Sales expert
  • Sales executive
  • Marketing executive

5. Hospitality coordination department- Any event will have some hospitality, and therefore this event is important. The members of this department are

  • Hospital manager
  • Caterer
  • Sponsorship executive

6. Officials coordination department- This may not always be a part of a event management company. This department consists of

  • Referees/ umpires/ marshals
  • Master of ceremonies.

7. Merchandizing coordination department- The department is in charge of sales, outfitting of the volunteers and getaway. The employees include

  • Merchandizing manager.

This is then the corporate hierarchical structure of an event management company.