eBay Corporate Hierarchy

eBay Inc. is an American multinational corporation and an ecommerce company which provides customer and consumer services through the internet. This company has its headquarters in San Jose, California and has offices and branches all across the world. In order to ensure that all operations and management tasks are carried out smoothly and without confusion, the employees are divided into different levels or positions.

This helps to distribute responsibilities properly and avoids confusion. This division of positions and tasks into different levels is known as hierarchy or in this case eBay corporate hierarchy. If you wish to understand the hierarchy or organizational structure at eBay, you can go through the following given information.

eBay corporate hierarchy

Founder and Chairman of Board

The topmost position or the senior most position in the eBay corporation is that of the Founder of the company who is also the Chairman of Board. this position is taken by Pierre Omidyar. He is not only the most respected individual in the company but also the most powerful one. All main decisions and powers lie with him.

President and CEO

At the next position in eBay comes the President of the company. The president is also the CEO in eBay. This too is a very high level position and is the main governing or supervisory position in the company. Currently this position is filled by Margaret C. Whitman. The main role of the president is to work on the rules and principals of the company and make sure all decisions are being taken for the betterment of the company as a whole.

Within the position of the president and CEO are the following given positions.

  • President

Since eBay owns several other big businesses, there are two presidents working beneath the position of president and CEO and they are:

  1. President, PayPal-this position is currently occupied by Scott Thompson
  2. President, eBay global marketplaces-this position is currently occupied by Devin Wenig
  • Senior Vice President

At the third level in the eBay corporate hierarchy is the position of the senior vice president. This is a senior level position in the company and is associated with a lot of responsibilities. The senior vice president or senior vice presidents must make sure that all orders of the president and founder are implemented throughout the company. Since eBay is divided into several departments, there are multiple senior vice presidents and they are mentioned as follows:

  1. Senior vice president, legal affairs, general counsel-this position is currently occupied by Michael Jacobson.
  2. Senior vice president, finance department-this position is currently occupied by Gary F Bengiar
  3. Senior vice president, Human resources-this position is currently occupied by Jeffrey S.Skoll
  4. Senior vice president, corporate communications-this position is currently occupied by Michael K Wilson.
  • Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Global

This too is another third tier position in the company and is one which is associated with handling all the technology related affairs at eBay. One can reach to this position after many years of experience and after acquiring important skills.