Ethnic Racial Hierarchy

Racial Hierarchy is division of society according to the races to which the citizens belong to. Ethnic racial hierarchy is based on the ethnic groups to which the people belong. Ethnic groups are classified according to the traditions, ethnicity and cultures which the people follow.

Ethnic Racial Hierarchy

Below given is the Ethnic racial hierarchy which is followed by the people in all over the world based on the Ethnic origin.

  • Europeans

They are regarded as the most superior race main because of their pure white complexion. They are always treated as the best and the most superior to all because they do not have any flaws in their white complexion. They enjoy the most amounts of wealth and respect from everyone as they have maintained themselves as superiors since centuries. They have always been the nobles and rulers of the most of the parts of the world.

  • Americans

The Americans are the second most superior racial group when it comes to the Ethnic racial hierarchy because they are white skinned but are brought up in America racial and not Europe. They are white but they do not belong to the ruling class of the world and hence, they stand second when it comes to the ethnic racial hierarchy. The Americans are white skinned but do not really get competitive with respect to the royalty which the European racial possess. Hence, they do not rank first in the racial hierarchy of the world.

  • Asians

The Asians, often called as the brown skinned people are the ones who are from Asia, or the East. They belong to the countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South-East Asian Countries, China and Japan. They are often called as Exotic people and mocked at because of their physical appearance. Asians even after shifting to other countries are counted as inferior races and rank after the Europeans and Americans.

  • Africans

The Africans rank last in the hierarchal group of almost every racial hierarchy in the world. This is mainly because of their dark skin tone because of which they are regarded as inferiors.  The people of this race are treated so inferior that they are deprived of basic rights and are treated as inferiors to an extent where they are used as free slaves. They are so much exploited that they are treated inferior all over the world and are considered as half-apes because of their physical features.