Financial Jobs Hierarchy

Financial jobs hierarchy demonstrates all the job titles related to finance field in a specified manner of position. Finance jobs revolve around the ardent management of money, classification and recording of company’s financial transactions.

In other wordsfinancial professionals handle the administrations of a financial company’s affairs. These are among the most crucial job positions of an organization. Even for the lowest job title, a minimum of bachelor’s degree in finance department is required by the organizations. For the higher level jobs, master’s degree is demanded by the companies. The financial job titles are described below in this article starting from the highest job title to the lowest one in the end

Financial Jobs Hierarchy
Financial Jobs Hierarchy

Financial Director

The highest job title in the financial job hierarchy is of financial director. These professionals handle all financial related matters of the firm in an acquisitive manner. Several years of experience is required by the firm for this job title. Normally finance managers get promoted to this job title after gaining vital experience of several years of service in the finance field.

Financial Consultant

Financial consultants are also referred as financial advisors. These are government licensed ardent professionals who are hired by the organizations to help these organizations taking covetous and profitable financial decisions for their organization. This job title is further sub categorized in two categories which are:

  • Internal Financial Consultants – an amorous financial professional who is employed by a firm and operates within the firm to provide his covetous and expertise consultation. They work on salary basis for the organization.
  • External Financial Consultants–exquisite financial professional who is not a part of the firm but is hired by the firm externally to provide his valuable and important expertise consultation for the benefit of the organization. The expertise is usually temporary basis and performed for a fee in return.

Financial Manager

In the organization’s financial processes, financial managers play a vital role in ensuring the accuracy of organization’s operating data along with practicing professional standards of the firm. The major task being providing recommendations for the ardent and exquisite improvement and growth in financial areas while taking in consideration the strict guidelines. The average salary for a financial analysts ranges from $72,000 to $140,000 annually.

Financial Analyst / Associate

Corporate finance associates are also referred as financial analysts, ardent professionals promoted form financial trainee job title after achieving two to five years of vital experience. Firm’s investment strategies and financial statements are managed and handled by financial analysts. The average salary for a financial analyst is around $68,000 annually.

Financial Trainee

Fresher graduates in finance work as a financial trainee in organizations under the guidance of a financial analyst for the task of evaluating an organization’s internal policies, financial controls and financial strategies. The average salary for a financial trainee ranges from $20,000 to $35,000 annually.