Formula One Team Hierarchy

Presently Formula One racing is perhaps the most favorite and admired racing sports league around the world. It has gained immense success and fame over the years. It is also referred to as Grand Pix and is a sporting league that takes place for three days (majority of the times from Friday to Sunday).

The leagues comprise of a long series of sessions which include practice sessions as well as qualifying sessions preceding the final race on the third day, Sunday. Formula One racing team has not only got a driver but lot more people working all together to let the race happen safe and sound. These all together encompass Formula One team hierarchy. Formula One team hierarchy is described precisely as below in brief. Have a look at the Formula One team hierarchy

Formula One Team Hierarchy

  • Racer
  • Manager
  • Team Administrators
  • Team Sponsors
  • Technical Team
  • Medical Supervisors 


The Racer (driver) is on the top of our Formula One team hierarchy since there is not any league of Formula One without a Racer. These are extremely skilled driving professionals and are equipped with years of vital experience and expertise of F1 car driving. These are the finest racers from all over the world.


A manager would be next on the list of Formula One team hierarchy. A manager of the Formula One team has got so many jobs to perform in his bucket. A manager takes care of the Racer, manages the relationship between media, Racer and team, takes care of the Racing car and its whereabouts, handles the marketing & PR issues and so many other things are done and managed by him.

Team Administrators

They manage the legal issues of the team. Team administration itself has so many professionals there working together for the benefit of the team. They also manage the league races and etc.

Team Sponsors

Team sponsors play a crucial role in Formula One team hierarchy. They are financial backer & supporter of the Formula One team. They deal only with the Team Administrators. These are responsible for making the money flow in the  game.

Technical Team

The technical team for Formula One team hierarchy is quite different from technical teams of other games, actually entirely different. There are no computer experts or software experts here. The technical team here is the team having expertise in racing cars used in Formula One. They make sure all the small to big parts are working aptly, the fuel, the engine and other things are without any defect and everything else related to car.

Medical Supervisors

Every game has a team of medical proficient who take care of the health of the players. Same is the case with the Formula One team’s medical supervisors. This typical game has been involved with high end of risks. So a team of medical professionals are always present there to take care in case of any mishap or problem.

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