Genovese Crime Family

Genovese is a popular crime family which is one among the ‘five families’ which played a part in the organized crime activities in New York and was known as Mafia. This family was often known as the Ivy League of the crime families and was unmatched in terms of power and size during its main reigning years.

The members of the crime gang belonged more or less to the Genovese family, with the Boss at the top and other members with lesser powers and responsibilities at the subsequent positions.  The family was actually founded was Lucky Luciano but was later renamed after Vito Genovese.

Vito Genovese was boss from 1957 to 1969. The family followed a hierarchical Structure system as there was a proper distribution of power among its members. To understand this hierarchy, you can go through the following given information.

genovese crime familyBoss

Like all other crime families or Mafia families, even in the Genovese family, there was a leader or head of family known as the Boss. The Boss took all the major decisions, designated duties, had the maximum power and also most of the responsibility. Vito Genovese stayed the boss for a long time but was later replaced by several others.

Street Boss

The street boss or the Front boss was the person who came next in the hierarchical tree or pyramid underneath the Street Boss.  This position was created by Boss Philip Lombardo so that the law enforcement attention could be diverted from him.  This deception stayed for 20 years and was a good way to divided authority.


Another position of importance in the Genovese crime family hierarchy was that of the Underboss. The Underboss also held a lot of power and responsibility and handled the heads of many other divisions. He reported to the Boss directly and was in charge of many important tasks.


The Consigliere either reported to the Boss directly or in some cases, he also reported to the Underboss. The Consigliere was a position of value because it was him who functioned with many other mob families to create ties and get many functions performed.


The Messagero or messengers were those who functioned as liaisons between different crime families and reported either to the Underboss or the Consigliere.  With messengers working for the Genovese family, the need for meetings or sit-downs could be reduced and thus the public exposure of the mob families could be reduced.  The brother of Vito Genovese was a Messagero as long as Vito was the Boss.

Administrative Capos

Another position which came at the bottom of the pyramid besides the position of the Messagero was that of the Capos or the administrative Capos.   When the Boss died or was imprisoned then the family may put together or assemble a ruling party or committee of Capos to help the other Bosses like the underboss, the street boss and the consigliere to run the family and divert all the attention from the law enforcement groups or officers.

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