Graphic Design Career Hierarchy

Graphic designing is such a huge expanding field in the market today. This field offers enormously broad array of service opportunities crafted amorously by the media and technology sector. These professionals fulfill numerous diverse positions requiring visual designs, solutions and also materials. These professionals work for MNCs, organizations, magazine, newspaper along with small scale companies means in every sector of the market.

These professionals are majorly responsible for the planning layout, designing and production of the graphic publications. They create website pages, multimedia and interactive displays. These career levels can be classified broadly in three levels. Graphic Design career hierarchy is described as below in this article in a mode of downhill order means the highest career level of the Graphic Design career hierarchy is placed at the pinnacle and the lowest one is placed at the end.

Graphic Design Career Hierarchy
Graphic Design Career Hierarchy

Senior Level Career Hierarchy

These are the uppermost level Graphic Design Job profiles that a graphic design professional can grow to during the course of his career. These professionals are more associated with the organization’s decision making successions and administrative functions. Following are the profiles that get hold of the highest levels in the graphic design career hierarchy:

  • Chief Graphic Technology Officer
  • Graphic Art Managers
  • Creative Director
  • Senior Art Director
  • Art Production Manager
  • Hands on Graphic Designer
  • Brand Identity Developer
  • Print Production manager

Middle Level Career Hierarchy

This career level incorporates professionals from the middle level of the hierarchy who have crucial experience of the field and work for the development of the company. These professionals are answerable for the outcomes of the lower level officials who work under the supervision of these officials.

The job profiles are:

  • Assistant Art Director
  • Assistant Art Production Associate
  • Broadcast Designer
  • Logo Designer
  • Senior Illustrator Manager
  • Associate Broadcast Designer
  • Senior Multimedia Developer
  • Head of Photography Department
  • Visual Image Developer
  • Head Content Developer

Lower Level Career Hierarchy

This is the lowest level in the graphic design career hierarchy. The officials at this level are those personnel who are experts of their respective field. This level incorporates numerous job profiles related to field of graphic designing but are equally important. Some of the lower level job profiles of this level of the graphic design career hierarchy are even fresher who have just finished their study and work to gain experience. These professionals handle the work provided to them by their respective seniors of the middle level. These career ranks are described as below:

  • Illustrator Assistant Manager
  • Visual Journalist
  • Senior Layout Artist
  • Interface Designer
  • Layout Designer
  • Head Web Designer / Developer
  • Associate Web Designer
  • Associate Content Developer
  • Assistant Layout Artist
  • Graphic Design Analyst
  • Graphic Package Designer
  • Photographer
  • Junior Multimedia Developer
  • Graphic Design Associate
  • Graphic Design Trainee