Hierarchy of Graphic Design Jobs

Graphic designing can be defined as a creative field, in which words, symbols and images are combined in order to represent the data’s and information in an innovative manner.

A graphic designer is a professional who combines the concepts of page layout, typography and visual arts in order to create a piece of information. Graphic design is being implemented in designing the logos, in various advertisements, in product packaging and in the film making industries etc.

There are various job titles prevalent in the graphic design industry. This article describes in details about the hierarchy of graphic design jobs and the respective job responsibilities.

The hierarchy basically consists of three levels of professionals such as senior level professionals, middle level professionals and the initial level professionals. Below is the description of all types of job titles present in a graphic design industry and the posts, having their respective senior and junior titles in their respective departments.

Hierarchy of Graphic Design Jobs
Hierarchy of Graphic Design Jobs

Creative Director

A creative director holds the top most position of a graphic designing team. The professional manages a team so as to develop attractive advertising campaigns and products. S/he interacts with the assistant directors in order to develop plans and strategies for the effective execution of projects across the different media channels. S/he organizes client meetings from time to time to know about their specific project needs and requirements.

Art Director

The art director is responsible for designing advertisements, brochures, websites and various other promotional materials for the businesses. The art directors supervise the production artists and reports to the creative director regarding the status of the projects.

Brand Identity Developer

A brand identity developer designs logos and trademarks for the business organizations. The main aim of the brand identity design is to enhance the marketing prospects of the company.

Broadcast Designer

The professional takes part in the development of various broadcast promotional materials, presentations and a wide variety of on-screen graphics. The job of a broadcast designer is more associated with the digital media.

Logo Designer

The logo designers have an important role to play. They find out and implement various innovative ways in order to express the messages of a company in terms of eye catching logos and designs. They help in marketing the products and services of a particular client company by developing unique logos.


The illustrator is another significant job title in the hierarchy of graphic design jobs. The illustrators make use of different communication media in order to represent an idea. They exhibit those ideas through the help of two dimensional and three dimensional images.

Content Developer

The content developers have a unique role to play. The professionals develop content in various formats for distribution in the various communication channels. They create written contents, graphical contents, images and videos etc. to promote the products and services of the clients.

Web Designer

The web designers design various websites for the World Wide Web. The designers design and manage all the pages of a website and also put contents on the pages. The web designer works in collaboration with the content developers.

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