Hierarchy of Needs and Education

Abraham Maslow was a popular psychologist in the 1950s and was concerned with research and study on the human needs. He focussed his research on different levels of the human needs and found that there was a certain hierarchical structure according to which these needs could be placed against each other.  He also said that if the highest levels needs had to be satisfied, then it was important that first, the lower level or basic needs should be met or satisfied.

This study helped not just psychology but also education and this is why this hierarchical order is also known as the hierarchy of education and needs. If you wish to know about the hierarchy of needs and education, then you can go through the following given information.

Hierarchy of needs and education

The following are the 5 different levels of needs, arranged from the lowest to the highest.

Physiological Needs

The first and the most basic type of needs are the physiological needs. These are the basic needs which are crucial to survival of an individual and include need for food, sleep, sex, water, shelter and air etc.  These are the most instinctive needs and also ones which can be easily satisfied.  Without satisfying these needs, an individual may find it difficult to live or survive in the world.

Safety Needs

The next or the second level of needs of the humans is the safety needs. Every individual feels the need to be safe and secure. These too are important needs for survival but may not be as demanding as the physiological needs. One also strives to keep himself away from danger, within security and avoids doing anything that may put his/her safety at risk. Some of the safety needs also include physical security, mental security and emotional security.

Social Needs

Humans are social beings and thus social needs are also important to everyone. Social needs include the need to feel loved, to feel belonged and to crave for affection. These needs are considered a little less basic than other needs and are hence placed at the third spot on this hierarchical order. Everyone wants to be linked socially within friend circles, society and loved by partner and family etc.

Esteem Needs

The next level of needs according to Maslow is the esteem or self esteem needs. Each and every human being wants to feel certain respect for himself and want others to respect him as well. This can also be understood as the need to feel a sense of achievement and a sense of accomplishment. Without feeling respect, it may be difficult for people to survive peacefully.

Self Actualization

The fifth and the highest level of needs are self actualization needs. These needs are the most difficult ones to be satisfied since the meaning keeps changing as one keeps aging.  Self actualization refers to a person’s need to achieve what he believes he is supposed to or meant to achieve. Everyone wants to reach to their full potential which can be almost impossible.

This is the Hierarchy structure of needs and education. Also, know about American education Hierarchy.