High School Social Hierarchy

The social hierarchy can be defined as a specific pattern of social arrangements and interrelations within the individuals and groups of a particular society or an organization. We witness hierarchies at many places in our society, in organizations and in social arrangements. Social hierarchy exists in most of the organizations, which also includes the educational institutions such as primary schools, high schools and professional colleges. The social structure prevalent in the educational organizations greatly affects the whole educational system. In this particular article, we are going to discuss the high school social hierarchy in details.

The internal structure of the school organization is dependent on various factors such as the status differences between the students, the working conditions of the teachers and the officials, course curriculum and various other internal and external factors.

The high school offers education to children in the age group of 5 to 18. All the major day to day operations of the school are carried out by the senior management team. The senior School management team is comprised of officials of different levels such as the Rector and the Deputy Rector. The various teaching positions include posts such as Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher and the Principal Teacher.

High School Social Hierarchy
High School Social Hierarchy

Various levels of hierarchy are:

  • Rector
  • Deputy Rector
  • Head Teacher
  • Deputy Head Teacher
  • Principal Teacher


The Rector is the highest rank academic professional of the high school. The office of the rector is called as a rectorate. A rector acts as an advisor in the policy matters and undertakes various day to day operations of the high school. This particular rank is considered as the major governing body of the high school. The rector researches the upcoming issues concerning both the student bodies and the teaching staffs.

Deputy Rector

The Deputy Rector assists the Rector in his specific duties. S/he is responsible for successfully implementing the various decisions made by the Rector. The Deputy Rector attends the periodic meetings and prepares plans to promote various educational processes of the high school. They also guide and supervise the work of the teaching staffs.

Head Teacher

The Head teacher is the most senior teaching staff of the high school. They oversee the various functions of the deputy head teachers and the principal teachers.

Deputy Head Teacher

A deputy head teacher is the second senior teaching rank in the high school social hierarchy. The job responsibilities of the professional involvemanaging the routine administrative tasks related to the educational process of the high school. They guide the principal teachers and other staffs at the time of need. They cater to the social issues of the school such as behavioral management, classroom activities and the co-curricular activities.

Principal Teacher

The principal teachers are responsible for the implementation of various policies and procedures of the school relating to class activities, health and safety. They identify the changing needs of the high school in all contexts and take actions to cater to those needs. They assist the deputy head teacher in various of their functions.

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