School Management Hierarchy

An effective management team is very essential for the proper functioning of a school. The management plays a vital role in carrying out the various important activities of the school such as enrolling the students in the specific admission sessions, recruiting the teachers, scheduling the classes and allocating teachers to the specific classes etc.

A mutual coordination between the various members of a school management team is a must for the both the short term and long term success of the school. A certain school management hierarchy is prevalent in most of the schools and the established hierarchy helps a lot in opening up of the proper communication channels between the various members. Let’s discuss about the members present in the hierarchy in details.

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School Management Hierarchy
School Management Hierarchy
  • Dean of School
  • Deputy Dean of the School
  • Head of the Departments
  • Home-room Teachers
  • Subject Teachers
  • Administration Staffs

Dean of the School

The Dean of the school is the highest position in the management hierarchy. The Dean oversees all the academic and non-academic issues emerging in the school and prepares effective strategies in order to solve the issues and to maximize the efficiency of the school.

The Dean communicates with the directors, all the teaching and the non-teaching staffs, parents and the volunteers so as to ensure that the students get quality education. More specifically, s/he organizes the parent-teacher meetings, and collects and evaluates the academic and behavioral reports of the students from their respective teachers.

Deputy Dean of the School

The deputy dean is the next top tier position in a school management hierarchy. The deputy or assistant dean undertakes various essential activities such as coordinating the admission process, holding meeting with the school staffs to formulate any type of improvement in the educational programs, developing and monitoring the annual budgets etc. In addition, the deputy dean assists the dean in several of his/her activities.

Head of the Departments

The head of the departments serve as the leaders or the managers of the group of teachers belonging to a particular department. They provide the required support to the teachers in properly accomplishing all the important academic and general tasks. The specific duties of the department heads include developing strategies for a positive change or an improvement in the educational curriculum, getting involved in the budget planning activities and reporting to the deputy dean at regular intervals of time.

Home-room Teachers

The home-room teachers are in charge of guiding a particular class or standard for a specific period of time. They teach more than one number of subjects to the specific class. In addition to this; they undertake the task of coordinating various events of the class at periodic intervals of time, prepare the grade sheets of the individual students, develops the quarterly and annual report cards of the students, and communicate with the parents regarding the development in the students.

Subject Teachers

The subject teachers teach a particular subject to different classes. They communicate with the home-room teachers at regular intervals to discuss about any improvement in the teaching strategies.

Administration Staffs

The administration staff in the school management hierarchy performs various non-teaching duties of the school.

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