Hong Kong Police Force Hierarchy

The Hong Kong police service works under the Bureau of Hong Kong and is the largest disciplined service under it. The police force of Hong Kong has brought many laurels for the country as it is ranked as Asia’s first and world’s second police force which operates with the modern policing system.

The Hong Kong police force has adopted its ranks structure and insignia from British forces. Following are the ranks and organizational structure of Hong Kong police force hierarchy:

Hong Kong Police Force Hierarchy
Hong Kong Police Force Hierarchy

Commissioner of Police

This is the top most rank of police and the commissioner heads the entire police force of Hong Kong. The officials at this rank are required to directly report to the Security Secretary of the country.

Deputy Commissioner of Police

A Deputy Commissioner is an administrative police officer who is required to assist the commissioner of police and perform the administrative tasks pertaining to the police. The Hong Kong police force has two Deputy Commissioners of police to head the Operations & management departments respectively. These officers are required to command as commissioner of police in his absence.

Assistant Commissioner of Police

The Hong Police force has two ranks assigned for Assistant Commissioners – Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police and Assistant Commissioner of Police. These officers are responsible for revenue administration and for the police operations pertaining to Income tax, Land etc.

Chief Superintendent of Police

The Chief Superintendent of Police is responsible for commanding a separate branch or district. They are responsible for overlooking their designated area and for the administrative tasks in that area.

Senior Superintendent of Police

A senior superintendent is the second in charge of the branch or district and assists chief superintendent in his operations.

Superintendent of Police

The superintendent of police in Hong Kong police force hierarchy is responsible for commanding a Head Quarter unit or a police division.

Chief Inspector of Police

Chief inspector is a rank which is not used by the police forces in most of the countries. It is a British rank and the countries following the British police model often incorporate this rank in their police service. A chief inspector in Hong Kong generally assists the superintendent of police in commanding the police divisions and headquarters. He generally acts as second in command in a head quarter.

Senior Inspector of Police

Senior Inspector of Police works at the administrative position in a police station.

Inspector of Police

The Inspector of Police is also an administrative rank in the Hong Kong police force hierarchy. He is responsible for leading a sub-unit for its day to day operations.

Probationary Inspector of Police

The work of a probationary inspector is quite similar to that of an inspector in Hong Kong Police force, but this rank lies below the inspector in the hierarchy.

Station Sergeant

Station Sergeant is the highest level non-commissioned rank and is promoted rank for a sergeant who has served the police force for more than 3 years. The officers at this rank and below are responsible for basic policing functions like patrolling and surveillance. Following are the lower ranks of the hierarchy:


Senior Constable

Police Constable

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