Hospital Management Hierarchy

Hospital management is also referred to as healthcare administration or healthcare system management. This is an exquisite management field that involves management, administration and leadership of hospital and its work. The hospital management professionals are termed as the Healthcare Management professionals.

There are numerous job positions in the hospital management hierarchy which all cannot be explained in this article so the major levels of the hospital management hierarchy are explained below in a manner of system with the top level in the beginning and then proceeding further in a descending order and ending with the lowest management level.

Hospital Management Hierarchy
Hospital Management Hierarchy

Top Level of Hospital Management Hierarchy

This is the highest level of the management group. This is the administrative level of the hospital management hierarchy.

  • Dean of the Hospital – The highest authority holder management official in the hospital management hierarchy is the dean of the hospital. The dean carries out the leadership duties for the hospital in an exquisite and amorous manner.
  • Hospital Administrators – These are the group of the people who help dean ardently in carrying out the management of the hospital with a great ease and taking care of the profit loss statements along with managing and handling the smooth administration of the hospital. These are specialized professionals who are great at enforcing and mediating hospital ethics along with the knowledge and efficiency to excel at what they do.
  • Specialists Surgeons – These professionals are also an important part of the hospital management hierarchy. These are specialized surgeons with years of practice and vital experience. Some surgeons after serving a hospital for several years with dedication also get promoted to the hospital administration level and become a part of the administrative team.

Middle Level of Hospital Management Hierarchy

This is the executive level in the hospital management hierarchy. It includes following groups –

  • Normal Specialists – These are those doctors who specialize in a certain type of medicine, like urologists, cardiologists, and oncologist.
  • The Silent Doctors – This group of hospital professionals includes doctors such like anesthesiologists, pathologists, and radiologists.
  • Nursing – Nurses play a vital role in the hospital management hierarchy since all the assisting work of a doctor is handled by the nurses. Nurses are further of two types – the registered practical nurses and the licensed nurses.

Lower Level of Hospital Management Hierarchy

This is the lowest level in the hospital management hierarchy. This group responds to the operational level.

  • Physician Assistant – A physician assistant is practically a doctor. He is a commendable and trustable professional who is responsible for the testing, treatment and examination of the medical conditions of the patients in the hospital. They have extensive training, do the day-to-day functions of doctors and have the ability to prescribe medicine.
  • Medical Students – Well these are the individuals seeking medical degree but not employee of the hospital yet doing practice in the hospital. This can be considered as the lowest level of the hierarchy and can be termed as a trainee or practitioner.