Infosys Career Hierarchy

Infosys Ltd is an Indian multinational corporation which provides business consulting, software engineering, outsourcing and information technology services to businesses so that they can develop themselves and function smoothly in each aspect.

The company has its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka and the current CEO is Vishal Sikka. Like all other such companies, Infosys too follows a strict hierarchical structure on the basis of which there is a division in power and responsibilities.  Starting from the bottom-most or entry level position till the highest position of the Partner, there are several other levels which are in the form of ladder steps. Let’s know more about the job hierarchy within Infosys:

infosys career hierarchyPartner

The Partner also often referred to as the Associate Partner is the highest working position in Infosys and is occupied by someone who has more than 7 years of experience in sales or consulting. The partner holds the maximum responsibility and power and mainly handles client engagements and communication.

Senior Manager

The position of the senior manager comes after the position of Partner and is occupied by a person who mainly handles sales and client communication.  A senior manager leads a team of managers who in turn are responsible for handling team projects. One has to have a working experience of atleast 7 years to become a senior manager.


At Infosys, the managerial position is of a lot of value and importance because managers oversee the working of team projects and project members and make sure projects are completed and delivered on time. Only after working as a manager for 2-3 years does one become the senior manager

Senior Consultant

A senior consultant is a person who handles and manages small team projects and heads consultants working at Infosys. A senior consultant works hard to get projects through and is valuable to the team.


The position of consultants comes after the position of a senior consultant and each consultant works under a senior consultant. He/she is promoted to this position after working as Business Analyst for about 2-3 years. Consultants work on projects, handle presentations, conduct research work and make sure that day to day tasks are completed on time.


At the bottom of the pile or pyramid comes the position of an analyst. An analyst is that member of the team who is responsible for handling research, communication, presentations. Mostly fresh graduates or undergraduates are employed at this position.