Investment Banking Company Hierarchy

Investment banking companies are some of the most flourishing companies and have seen rapid growth in the past few years. Investment banks are financial companies which are aimed at providing assistance and advice to clients, corporations and even governmental entities in the process of raising capitals by acting as the middle party or agent.  Investment banking company is a full network consisting of many departments or levels of work which are divided on the basis of job duties and responsibilities.

The following is the hierarchical system of an investment banking company:

A) Investment Banking Company Managing Director

The position of an investment banking managing director is the top position in an investment banking company and is at the peak level of the hierarchical pyramid of the bank.  Only those with many years of experience and a lot of qualifications can move up to this position from mid-level positions.  One has to go to a series of Investment Banking Job positions to get to this position.

B) Investment Banking Company Director

The second level position in an investment banking company is the position of the director.  The director’s position can be considered equivalent to the position of the managing director in terms of duties and powers.  Some of the major duties of an investment banking director are generating more business, developing client relationships and marketing business.

C) Investment Banking Company Senior Vice President

The senior vice president also holds one of the top most positions in an investment banking company.  The senior vice president takes all the important decisions about the company and its future.

D) Investment Banking Company Vice President

This position is taken by post graduates or those with degrees in finance or accounting.  The Vice president is the project manager and helps in generating deals for the business through communication skills, marketing and experience. The vice president reports to the director.

E) Investment Banking Company Associate

Fresh MBAs with little experience often take the position of associates at investment banks.  Associates work with analysts and prepare presentations for projects and clients. They can either be promoted from the position of analysts or can directly apply for the position. One of the duties of associates is to train the analysts.

F) Investment Banking Company Analysts

This is one of the lowest ranking positions in the company and has the task of handling clients and working on orders of senior employees.  These individuals can work on positions that are given as follows:

  • Research analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Equity analyst