Marketing Business Hierarchy

Marketing can be regarded the most important component of any business without which no business can achieve success. Marketing business hierarchy portrays all the levels of management and supervision in any marketing activity firm. These companies take care, specifically, of the marketing projects and related queries of their clients and deal only in marketing as well as promotional activities of their clients. These companies may work on both permanent as well as contract basis for a client.

In last two decades, these companies have gained immense popularity and are in quite high demand in the corporate with raise in competition on all fronts for the businesses. Marketing business hierarchy has been explained below in three simple levels – Administrative, Strategic as well as Operational level. The approach chosen is of chronological order that means the topmost level with its titles have been placed at the top of the hierarchy while the lowest one is at the end.

Marketing Business Hierarchy

Administrative Marketing Business Career Level

This is at the topmost position in the marketing business hierarchy and possesses professionals who are answerable for the administrative work for the company. The entire decision making process and power is under these professionals and these are quite well experienced professionals of the marketing field. The administrative marketing business job profiles are described below:

  • Marketing Business Director
  • Marketing Business Chairman
  • Marketing Business President
  • Marketing Business Vice President
  • Marketing Business Manager
  • Marketing Business Bureaucrat
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Marketing Business Administrator

Strategic Marketing Business Career Level

As the name implies the actual execution of the plans of the higher level authorities is the duty of these professionals. Their job duties include formulating the strategy to implement the plans of higher authorities, taking care of the rest of the team, managing clients and their queries and taking care of many more such strategic job responsibilities. The strategic marketing business hierarchy includes following job profiles:

  • Marketing Business Analyst I
  • Assistant Marketing Business Bureaucrat
  • Marketing Business Assistant Manager
  • Marketing Business Analyst II
  • Marketing Branch Manager
  • Strategic Marketing Program Analyst
  • Marketing Program Market Analyst
  • Marketing Specialist I
  • Lead Development Officer
  • Assistant Marketing Branch Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Specialist II
  • Inside Marketing mentor
  • Marketing Consultant

Operational Marketing Business Career Level

These are the lowest level employees and usually work on the targets or duties assigned to them by mid level authorities. Their work is entirely controlled and supervised by strategic marketing professionals. Their work is more of regular or monthly goals type assigned to them by their team leaders. The operational level marketing business hierarchy includes following job profiles as below:

  • Senior Marketing Support
  • Junior Marketing Support
  • Team Leader
  • Junior Marketing Consultant
  • Senior Market Analyst
  • Market Representative
  • Market Analyst
  • Marketing Associate
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Apprentice