IT Career Hierarchy

IT career hierarchy refers to the all possible job titles in the information technology industry in a hierarchical format ranging from lower level job titles to higher level. We can simply describe IT as the use of computers along with software to manage data and information, involving storing data, protecting the data, processing it and then transmitting the data as required and then further retrieving data as per the requirement.

The IT career hierarchy contains many levels of job opportunities like an IT trainee or an assistant, IT engineer, an administrator, IT project manager etc. These all cannot be explained here so only some of the major levels in IT career hierarchies are described in brief as below in this article:

IT Career Hierarchy
IT Career Hierarchy

IT Trainee/ Assistant

An IT trainee is an individual seeking a training program within an organization after completing IT study from a college or university. Mostly private companies as well as public sector employers organize such trainee programs where the candidatesare offered an opportunity to take part in a prescribed duration training program in the respective company.

Some companies refer these professionals as IT assistants. IT trainee is offered a theory as well as practical practice to learn about the organization. Some companies offer part time salary while some offer full time employment salary. This is the lowest rank in the career hierarchy.

IT Engineer

An ardent practitioner of information technology engineering is IT engineer. This is the rank higher than that of an IT trainee. IT engineer is a covetous and expectant professional concerned with applying professional scientific knowledge along with ingenuity and mathematics concepts to develop social, technical and economic solutions for various problems. They play a vital role in the IT career hierarchy.

IT Administrator

IT administrators are also referred as IT analysts. This rank is higher than that of IT engineers in the hierarchy. IT administrator reports directly to a project manager and is mainly responsible for maintaining the computer network, configuring, deploying and monitoring active converged infrastructure or data networks and related equipment. This is normally among the highest levels of technical staff in a company.

IT Project Manager

Normally in all the companies this is considered the highest level in the IT career hierarchy but on worldwide level, this is the second highest level since the highest level is actually IT scientist. Entire technical staff works under project manager’s supervision and this is his responsibility to make sure a project is completed within stipulated deadline. They are responsible for providing the framework and mechanisms for the distribution of responsibility within the organization.

IT Scientist

The highest ranks in the IT career hierarchy is computer scientist, an expectant experienced scientist who has acquired through knowledge of IT science – a study of theoretical base of information and computation. Minimum PhD or MS in the field of IT science is required to reach the job level ofIT scientist.

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