IT Project Management Hierarchy

IT project management is based on the computer technology. This kind of project management is handled by using the information from software as well as hardware. Like any other project, IT project also has its launch date and completion date. In order to achieve the goal the team of IT professional work together. IT project management hierarchy consists of numerous job profiles. All professional are expected to do their jobs with great ease and precision. IT project management hierarchy is the showcase of three management levels. These management levels are described as starting from highest level that is senior level management, middle level management and at the end lower level management.

Senior Level Management

This is the top level management and consists of all senior professionals. With the methodical knowledge of the subject and after years of experience, professionals attain this highest rank. Senior level management people are the members of board of directors and have the financial authorities. The top level managers are responsible for strategic and tactical management of the company. They develop and execute the policies for the benefit of the organization. These managers make sure that project implementation should be reviewed on time in order to achieve target. All the designations starting from highest come under the top level management are as follows:

IT Project Management Hierarchy

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • President-IT
  • Vice President-IT
  • Assistant Vice President-IT
  • Project Director-IT
  • Senior Manager-IT

Middle Level Management

Professionals reach this level after gaining vital experience in the specific field at lower level. In IT Project management hierarchy, the middle level management officials are responsible for the functioning of the IT project and answerable to top management. They devote more time to organizational and directional functions. These professionals are also responsible for managing company’s financial operations and also ensuring the growth of the company. Middle level officials also play an important role in encouraging the lower level management professionals. Different profiles which come under middle level management are described below:

Entry Level Management

Entry level IT professionals are also known as operative level of management. These professionals are responsible for quantity as well as the quality production in the IT project. Their role also includes assigning the task to various workers and guides them properly for productive results. Operative officials work under the guideline of middle level management. Managing the data and preparing the report are also the parts of their duty. Maintaining the discipline and encouraging the worker are also done by these professionals. The Entry level management hierarchy includes various job profiles which are written below:

  • Project leader
  • Team Leader
  • Senior engineer
  • Assistant senior engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Testing and Quality Executive
  • Network Administrator
  • Troubleshooting Engineer
  • Trainee