Jehovah Witness Church Hierarchy

From the Watch Tower Society’s headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, the Jehovah’s Witness are witnessed hierarchically and are led by the Governing Body. This Governing body is divided into six committees each with a responsibility for various administrative functions that includes publication, public functions and church activities.

The congregations are further divided into circuits with twenty congregations each. The circuit overseers or representatives are appointed by the Governing Body to supervise activities within the circuit.

The congregation is again served by locally recommended male elders or ministerial servants, who are appointed by the circuit overseer. The entire responsibility of the governance in the congregation, pastoral work, arranging and conducting meetings, selecting speakers, organizing public preaching work and even creating judicial committees to explore the disciplinary actions lies with these elders. The clerical and attendant duties are conducted by the ministerial servants. Bu they also have additional duties of teaching and conducting meetings.

Jehovah Witness Church HierarchyThe Governing Body

The main direction given to this organization is from this Governing Body who claims to belong to the anointed class. Members are not elected but are chosen by the existing body. The Body directs six committees and the members of these committees are called helpers.  The Body also appoints headquarter representatives and circuit overseers who are also known as travelling overseers.

Travelling Overseers

All of these overseers are elders are direct appointees of the Governing Body. Most of them are circuit overseers. The circuit overseer is responsible for appointing new elders and ministerial servants. Works with other members of the congregation to preach and conduct Christian religious study program Bible studies.

The Congregations

Based on common geographical area or language congregations are formed with members ranging from 10to 200. These congregations are governed by local elders and assisted by ministerial servants.


Every congregation has a group of Elders who are responsible for governance and conducting and arranging meetings. The Elders are recommended from amongst the ministers by the local Elder body.

Ministerial Servants

Their position is same as the deacons and is mainly appointed to assist the Elders in their day to day work.

Baptized / Unbaptized Publishers

They are the members of this faith who are baptized publicly and are converted to this faith. The regular publishers do not have foxed quota of hours for preaching.  Unabaptized Publishers are yet to be baptized but are granted approval for joining the congregation’s formal ministry.

Students and Associates

A Bible student is an individual who takes part in the religious study program and associates are those members who do not preach but who attend the meetings of Jehovah’s Witness.

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