KPMG Career Hierarchy

KPMG is one of the big four public auditors in the world and is a professional service company which has its global headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  The company provides consultancy solutions to its clients around the world and is known to follow a strict and sophisticated organization structure through which proper administration and functioning is possible.

According to this structure, those individuals placed at the bottom of the pile are the least qualified as compared to others and have a lighter role. But those placed at the higher levels are more qualified. The following is a detailed KPMG Career hierarchy for your reference.

KPMG Career hierarchy

Partner/Associate Partner

The partner or the associate partner is placed at the top of the pile or the hierarchical structure of the company. He/she is responsible for taking the major decisions for the company and also participated in the board decisions. The partner plans the future of the company and makes sure that the company is always performing upto its full potential.

Senior Manager

The senior manager plays an administrative role in KPMG and makes sure that all functions and operations of the firm are going on properly. He/she must coordinate the activities of all the other staff members in the company and should also supervise the manager and others working under him/her.


At the next position in KPMG comes the manager. The manager too plays an important administrative role and may be given the responsibility of handling different departments and tasks. Depending upon the size of the branch, there can by many managers for different operations and segments. For example, there may be a different manager for the office operations, different one for handling staff and a separate one for accounts and finances etc.

Senior Consultant

The next main position in the company is that of the senior consultant. The senior consultant is the one who directly deals with the clients and makes sure that the client’s needs are looked after. He/she gives instructions to the consultants working under him/her and answers directly to the partner. He/she may also participate in some important decision making and plans for the organizations benefit.


At the next position in the hierarchical order of KPMG comes the position of the consultant. The consultant works on the instructions of the senior consultant and may attend client meetings. He/she heads projects and makes sure that the company is performing to the best of its abilities to satisfy clients. He/she provides advice to clients and is responsible for bringing in new accounts.


At the lowest level in KPMG come the analysts. This is an entry level position in the company and most of these slots are taken by those who are fresh graduates. Analysts perform basic tasks of analyzing information and giving their reviews or consultancy on those matters.  Only by gaining about 2-3 years of experience can an analyst at KPMG move up the chart to the position of the consultant and then the senior consultant.

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