Manufacturing Company Management Hierarchy

A manufacturing or production company is a kind of a company which manufactures products or services.  The key functions of a manufacturing company are to buy raw materials, manufacture products and then sell them in bulk.  These companies have a basic organizational structure and need several managers or administrators who look after the smooth functioning of the organization.  For this, a perfect hierarchical system is followed within the management branch of the company.

The following is a detailed manufacturing company management hierarchy for your reference and understanding.


The director holds the topmost position within the management department of a manufacturing company and is responsible for taking the major managerial decisions for the firm. The director handles finances, accounts, marketing and human resource management and coordinates the activities of each of these departments.

Production Management

The production department is the main department or arm of any manufacturing firm and thus proper management of production is needed.  Thus, within this department, several managers or administrators are hired. The following is the hierarchical system of the production management branch.

  • Production planning manager
  • Technical manager
  • Institutional manager
  • Production manager
  • Maintenance manager
  • Quality control manager
  • Raw material manager
  • QA manager
  • Inventory manager
  • Supplies manager

Investment Management

The investment department is yet another important department of any manufacturing company.   This department handles all investment related aspects of the company and requires high level of management. The following is the hierarchical system within this department.

  • Planning manager
  • Research manager
  • Engineering manager
  • Investment manager

Marketing Management

The products that are manufactured need to be sold and for this, marketing is required. Thus a marketing department is hired which consists of several marketing managers.  The marketing managers are responsible for publicizing the products and the company. The following are some of the marketing managers of a manufacturing company hierarchy.

  • Brand manager
  • Advertising manager
  • Trade marketing manager
  • Promotions manager
  • Public relations manager
  • Market analyst manager
  • Research manager
  • Media manager
  • Regional manager
  • Development manager
  • Sales manager

Technical Management

The products produced by a manufacturing company must be technically sound and this is handled by the technical team or department consisting of technical managers and other executives. The following are some of the positions of technical management.

  • Product design manager
  • Technical science manager
  • Customer service manager
  • Research and development manager

Human Resource Management

HR department is responsible for management of employees and employer-employee relations. This department too consists of managers who look after proper organization and allocation of duties.

  • HR Manager
  • Training manager
  • Recruiting manager
  • Office support manager