Marketing Team Hierarchy

The most significant and essential division for any business is its marketing branch because business’s whole profit or loss set-up is chiefly dependent on the way how the products of any company is promoted and presented before the populace. If the branding or we can simply say marketing is done efficiently by the marketing team then the product of easily transported in the mindset of common man and hence enhances the chances of sale of that product that leads to profit of the company.

The marketing team hierarchy is explained briefly in a descending order means starting from the highest level in the hierarchy to the lowest level in the hierarchy as below in this article:

National Marketing Manager

This is the topmost superior level in the marketing team hierarchy. In most of the businesses, this designation is also termed as marketing director or chief marketing executive. These are the professionals who report only to the CEO of the company. Their key duty is to develop a strategic plan along with a fair vision for the whole marketing department, to provide full support, guidance & leadership to complete marketing team simply for the company’s profit and benefits.

Zonal Marketing Manager

Zonal marketing managers are the proficient corporate professionals who lead a specific zone for the marketing operations of the marketing company. A zonal marketing manager reports to the national sales manager. These professionals are responsible to supervise all the marketing outlets for the entire zone. Their duty is to make sure the accomplishment & implementation of the marketing goals at the zonal level.

Marketing Team Hierarchy


State Marketing Manager

The state head for the marketing operations for any company are termed as state marketing managers. These professional are extremely experience and knowledgeable of the field. They are bound to respond about the failures or any sort of actions to their senior related to their marketing team.

District Marketing Manager

The next in the marketing team hierarchy are district marketing managers. These professionals lead the entire marketing department for a district of respective state. All the branches of the company are underneath them for marketing operations.

City Marketing Manager / Branch Manager

As the name implies, these professionals are the marketing professionals that are responsible to administer the marketing outlet for entire branch of the city. Setting up of targets & goals for the marketing team along with developing & designing new pioneering strategies for company growth lies under their accountability.

Marketing Sales Manager

The marketing sales manager is the professional who is responsible for managing the sales department. Marketing is an activity that transforms into product sales and this professional is responsible for managing this aspect in the branch office.

Marketing Team Leader

These professional handle the marketing associates who form their team and work for the accomplishment of the targets provided by senior official.

Marketing Associates (Marketing Representatives)

This is the lowest most rank in the marketing team hierarchy. These are professionals who are to follow the orders of the team leader and work accordingly.