Marketing Company Hierarchy

Marketing is one of the majorly emphasized activities of any business. Marketing company hierarchy incorporates the levels of administration in the marketing agency firms. These are the firms that handle marketing related issues & projects for any company who act as clients for them. They work on contract basis or even for a single project too.

These marketing agencies have been quite in high demand these days since every company today want to succeed in the immense competition. Marketing company hierarchy demonstrates three levels that fittingly define the hierarchy. This hierarchy is explained starting from the highest marketing career levels and descending towards the lower career levels. Have a quick look at the marketing company hierarchy –

Highest Marketing Company Career Level

The premier level in the marketing company hierarchy is this top level.  This level incorporates professionals that work at administrative level and handle entire decision making authorities for their company as well as for the clients. These professionals have years of vital experience in the field. They act as the decision maker for the marketing company. These are directed to report directly to the board members of the marketing company. The high level job profiles are described below –

  • Marketing Company Director
  • Marketing Company President
  • Marketing Company Manager
  • General Manager – Marketing
  • Chief marketing Officer
  • Vice President – Marketing
  • Senior Manager – Marketing
  • Marketing Company Administrator
  • Marketing Company Analyst I

Middle Marketing Company Career Level

These are the executive level job profiles in the marketing company hierarchy. These are the professionals who guide the entry level marketing professionals for getting the organization’s advantageous marketing work done at time. These are the professionals having marketing know-how and through complete marketing related knowledge. Their job responsibilities may vary but the end result requirement is always the same. The mid level marketing career hierarchy includes following job profiles –

Marketing Company Hierarchy

  • Assistant Marketing Company Manager
  • Marketing Company Analyst II
  • Strategic Marketing Program Analyst
  • Marketing Branch Manager
  • Marketing Specialist I
  • Assistant Marketing Branch Manager
  • Lead Development Officer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Inside Marketing Consultant
  • Marketing Specialist II
  • Marketing Consultant
  • City Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Sales Manager
  • Sales Administrator

Entry Level Marketing Company Career Level

The entry level marketing company officials incorporate inexperienced lowest level professionals in the marketing company hierarchy. These personnel usually are professionals that work under some administration of middle level marketing company professionals. They execute work for their company as controlled by the senior professionals. These persons are accountable to the seniors for fulfilling the goals assigned. They work on job positions in definite pre-specified typical working hours. The entry level marketing company hierarchy includes following job profiles in any marketing company –

  • Marketing Support
  • Junior Marketing Consultant
  • Team Leader
  • Market Representative
  • Senior Market Analyst
  • Market Analyst
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Associate
  • Marketing Trainee