Military Position Hierarchy

Military position hierarchy is a way of introducing hierarchical relationships in all sort of military lines (including all armed forces, intelligence agencies and even police). Normally the difference is denoted basically by uniforms and by the particular affixed insignia to the uniforms.

As the military position increases, the larger and more complex are the military operations. The military Rank position hierarchy can be described as below segregated in two major sections:

Military Position Hierarchy
Military Position Hierarchy
  • Commissioned Levels Officers
  • Non- Commissioned Levels Officers
  • Warrant Level Officers
  • Enlisted Officers

Commissioned Officers

Commissioned positions are the highest positions provided to senior officers and thus this distinguishes the officers from other position officers. The commissioned officers are further categorized into four levels in military position hierarchy which are described below in brief:

  • General Officers – General Officers are the highest position holder officers in military position hierarchy. These are the officers who command specific units / formations which operate independently (for specific duration of time). These are further categorized in some countries which is mentioned below starting from the top position to lower one:

v  General

v  Lieutenant General

v  Major General

v  Brigadier General

  • Field Officers – Field Officers are also termed as Senior Officers or Field Grade Officers, covetous officers commanding certain military units which operate independently for a shorter duration of time. In military position hierarchy these officers are also sub categorized which is described below starting from the top position to lower one:

v  Colonel

v  Lieutenant Colonel

v  Major Colonel

  • Company Grade Officers – In military position hierarchy Company Grade Officers are the middle level junior commissioned officers which are further sub categorized as below:

v  Captain

v  Lieutenant Commander

v  Lieutenant

v  Lieutenant Junior Grade

v  Sub – Lieutenant

 Subordinate Officers – These are also referred as Student officers, the officers who are seeking training and normally are termed as Cadets.

Warrant Officers

A Warrant Officer, specialist personnel, is basically a commissioned with warrant officer hired by virtue of a warrant by the President of the country. These officials do not come under non commissioned officers but are at middle level in the military hierarchy.

Enlisted Officers

The non commissioned officers having position lower to those of commissioned officers and warrant officers and basically making up the majority of military personnel are termed as enlisted officers. In military position hierarchy these are further sub categorized into two levels which are described as below in brief:

Non-Commissioned Officers

These are the enlisted officers working under the command of a commissioned officer. These officers are provided with some delegated powers and authorities to efficiently supervise other assigned specific administrative responsibilities as well as other lower level military members. These are referred as Executive officers in some countries.

Other Enlisted Positions

The officials with no command power and authority are categorized under this position. These are also referred with titles like Private, Airman, and Seaman etc.