Mormon Church Hierarchy

Mormons are understood to be the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints or LDS.  The Mormon Church is considered to be the restoration of the original church that was founded by Jesus Christ himself.  The headquarters of this church are in Salt Lake City, Utah and was over 88000 missionaries and over 15 million members.

The Latter Day Saints or the Mormons are divided into ranks and thus a hierarchy structure is formed. LDS church has developed a complicated bureaucracy to oversee the worldwide religion.  In the Mormon Church, every adult active Mormon holds a calling.  The top of the hierarchy is entirely male because only men can receive the LDS priesthood. To understand the Mormon Church hierarchy better, you can go through the following given information.

Mormon Church HierarchyFirst Presidency

This is the topmost level in the Mormon Church religion hierarchy and each person in this level is referred to as the President.  The President of the Church is believed to be aliving prophet who speaks to the god himself.  The first presidency is composed of the following:

  • President and Prophet
  • First Counsellor
  • Second Counsellor

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

There are 12 apostles who together form the Quorum of the twelve Apostles. The Senior Apostle is called the president whereas the remaining 11 of them are called Elders. This Group falls below the First Presidency in the Mormon Church Hierarchy.

General Authorities

The next in the hierarchy of the Mormon Church come the general authorities and these individuals are called to their respective positions by the Apostles. They are given as follows:

General Officers

There are many general officers working for and within the Mormon Church and they are divided into further subcategories that are given as follows:

  • Primary general officers
  • Relief Society
  • Sunday School
  • Young Men
  • Young Women

Quorum of the Seventy

There are multiple Quorums of the seventy who are responsible for overseeing the church’s local lay leaders under the directions and instructions of the Apostles.  The following are the subdivisions of the Quorum of the seventy:

  • The Seven Presidents
  • First Quorum
  • Second Quorum

Presiding Bishopric

Stake Presidency

Next comes the stake presidency which is composed of the President, the first counselor and the second counselor.

Ward Bishopric

This is another level in the Mormon Church which consists of the Bishop, the first counselor and the second counselor.

Individual Members

There are about 14 million individual members who are placed at the bottom of the Mormon Church Hierarchy.