Mormon Religion Hierarchy

The Mormon religion hierarchy is portrayed as the Latter Day Saint movement hierarchy, abbreviated as LDS.  This basically represents the proper effectual structural representation of this religion. The Mormon religion hierarchy thoroughly follows the Mormon Church system that got its existence in the year 1830 though some believe that the practices began earlier in the year 1828. Quinn was supposed to be responsible for maintaining the true privileges of the Mormon Church.

The Mormon religion is prearranged in a systematical priesthood structure that is well administered by Mormon men. These Mormon Saints believe that God leads their church through disclosure by choosing a single man as his spokesman. The Mormon religion hierarchy is described as follows starting from the highest level of the hierarchy while ending with the lowest one. Just have a quick look .

Mormon Religion Hierarchy
Mormon Religion Hierarchy

The First Presidency

These are the saints at the highest level of the Mormon religious hierarchy. This level incorporates three members. These three members are as following with the highest authority holder at the top and then proceeding further –

  • President / Prophet – The Prophet also referred as the President of the Church is considered the spokesman of God on earth. Currently Mr. Thomas S. Monson id the Prophet.
  • Two Counselors– These two counselors under the President / Prophet are responsible for crafting as well as handling the main administrative duties related to LDS church. This category is further sub divided as below –
    • First Counselor
    • Second Counselor

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

These are 12 holy personnel working at the First Presidency while taking care of the main administrative duties of the church.

  • President – Head of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
  • 11 Apostles – Saints of Quorum of the Twelve Apostles working under the President.

The 70’s Quorum

This is the third level of Mormon religious hierarchy that incorporates total 70 saints that are further categorized in three sub levels. These are –

  • Seven Presidents – This group consists of seven saints that are referred to as Seven Presidents. These work under the directions of the senior apostles to manage the church’s local leaders.
  • First Quorum – These work under the Seven Presidents.
  • Second Quorum – – These work under the First Quorum.


This group consists of 3000 personnel who are high priests and serve the purpose of helping ministers and members of high council.

Ward Bishopric

This group consists of 30,000 personnel. This is among the lower level priesthood that Mormon males attain at the age of 12. With passage of age, these start moving to the higher levels in the Mormon religious hierarchy. These are further sub categorized as –

  • Bishop
  • First Counselor
  • Second Counselor

Individual Members

This consists of all the active Mormon adults. This is one of the biggest group till date and currently this group incorporates over 14 million members.