Nazi Racial Hierarchy

The Nazi Racial Hierarchy was imposed by the Nazi Germany which abides by some set of rules and principles. Many Nazism theories were established by the Nazis in order to form a Hierarchy which divides the people in different communities and are treated according to their community status. The scientific legitimacy forms the basis of the Nazi Racial Hierarchy. Some necessary sterilization was used in order to ensure the racial cleanliness and hygiene.

According to the Nazi Hierarchy the human race was distributed among numerous sectors which were based on the Aryan race. Reportedly, the master race was the superior race and was followed by the Nordic race and the Hierarchy continues with other remaining Aryan races. A set of course with particular policies were designed by them which were targeted on people with low position in the racial Hierarchy. These include Jews, Gypsies and handicapped mass.

The master race was known as Herrelvolk and was considered as the top most social people of the Nazi Racial Hierarchy while Jews were considered as the people at the lowest level of the Hierarchy. There were some intermediate races like Volksgemeinschaft, Russians, Romani and persons of color.

The race was distinguished by typical Aryans and non-Aryans. The Aryan master race includes the mass like Germans, DutchScandinavians, French and the English while the non-Aryan race includes  Croats, CzechsRussiansPoles, Serbs and Ukrainians. They were called Slavs considered as corrupt people. The ideology of Nazis changed towards the Slavs when they were in need of military forces and somehow they had only option left for the selection and that was appointing Slavs in their army troops. They also used to characterize people by their white or black color. All white people except those having Jewish ancestors, lied under the category of Aryans while all others were considered as Slavs.

The modes used by the Nazis in order to eliminate the Ancient Jewish people were very brutal such as sterilization, persecution, incarceration, medical experimentation, and brutality.

A Nordic theory was introduced which was popularly exercised and became a strategy in order to rule the Germany. However, the ideologies of Nazis were changing with time with the introduction of new members in the Nazi party who were determined and set the policies for the benefit of the Nazis along with other people which were not treated in a proper way and hence gaining the higher authority positions in the party.

The Germans from Germany known as Nordic Germans hold the top most position in the Nazi Racial Hierarchy whereas the typical Aryans and Germans from outside known as active  ethnic Racial Germans belonged to Category 1 and Category 2. The passive Germans, that is, those people who are not from Germany, handicapped and rowdy criminals were distinguished by category 3 and category 4. Others who were associated deeply with Germans and Italians and Spaniards were also the part of Category 1 and Category 2. Due to this categorization many low level people according to the Hierarchy were caught as the victims of Nazis.