New Jersey Police Hierarchy

Like any state police, the state police of New Jersey also aim at protecting, preserving and safeguarding the civil and constitutional rights of the citizens of the city through impartial law enforcement. The New Jersey State Police is responsible for general police services, highway and traffic enforcement, statewide investigation, intelligence services, emergency management, support for state and local law enforcement efforts, maintenance of criminal records and identification systems and regulation of certain commerce such as firearms ownership.

New Jersey Police Hierarchy

With the motto of Honor, duty, fidelity, the state police approaches maximum efficiency among its officers through system of managed hierarchy being followed among all departments. This not only helps in improving the function coordination among its members but also improves the overall functioning of the police department.

Apex level

At the top of the hierarchy at the police of New Jersey is the superintendent. He is the ultimate head whose decisions and command cannot be superseded by any other official unless it is through the decree of the parliament. He performs a super visionary function over all other departments and ensures there smooth functioning and managerial efficiency in all fields. He is assisted in his functions by other senior officers such as the Chief of Staff, Deputy Superintendent of Homeland Security, Deputy Superintendent of Operations, Deputy Superintendent of Investigations and Deputy Superintendent of Administration, each of whom handles a different department completely under himself.

Mediate level

At this level various department function in terms of sections that are further functionally divisional. Some of these sections are intelligence, special investigations, human resources, professional standards, administration, emergency management, field operations, special operations, etc. further each of them are headed by  Majors who directly report to the officials at the apex level only in terms of emergency situations otherwise are completely responsible for their functioning departments.

Troop level

At the troop level, each department works at the ground levels through four basic troops each headed by a troop leader responsible for functioning of the smallest unit of police department of New Jersey. He directly responds to his next in command at the mediate level. There is also a director of forensic science working simultaneously with troops at this level since it is the basic level and most of the information is recorded and confirmed scientifically at this level prior to any other action. This level is also responsible for first handedly responding to the general public for any crimes or issues arising in the society. They are the first instance recorders, filers or resolvers of any issue.

It is this amount of highly managed functional and divisional structure of power that has so far worked in an extremely efficient manner for the state police department of New Jersey. This type of structure has not only helped in having a clear authority chain among officials but has also created a separate department depending upon their functions thereby improving the overall output of the departments. It has also significantly helped in achieving the society’s goal of a systematic structured lawful environment.