Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Hierarchy

A formal hierarchy is maintained in patch-wearing clubs and is similar in most of them. An election of a new officer is made when an existing office holder is not able to carry out the responsibilities properly, mostly due to sickness or imprisonment. Gang meets are held on a regular basis to discuss the matters relating to the club.

Most of them have a democratic set up with one vote per member. A group of gang members under the control of a president form a “chapter” and the chapters have their own set of officers. Below given is hierarchy of Outlaw motorcycle gang hierarchy.

Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Hierarchy

The Ranks


He is the leader of the chapter and is the chief spokesman when the club is dealing with media and police. He chairs the club meetings and is the representative of the chapter in the national meetings.

Vice President

When the president is away, he takes charge and is an heir apparent to the club leaderships. His main duty is to see that the club proceedings are conducted satisfactorily.


All paperwork of the club is the secretary’s responsibility. He records dates for main events and notes the minutes of the meetings. He also maintains correspondence with the other gangs and keeps the members updated about the latest events. In some clubs he also keeps a record of the club assets along with the treasurer.


He is the money man who is in charge of collecting club fees and running the funds and paying the bills too. He also collects debts that the gang owed and checks the business opportunities before getting finalised. Most of the time the treasurers and secretary’s job is combined.

Sergeant at Arms

He is basically the “policeman” of the gang who enforces law and order in the meetings and is also in charge of the security in the gang meetings.

Road Captain

The Road Captain is in charge of logistics and plans the route of refuelling stops. He leads by riding at the front with the president and the pack behind. He is a non-executive member.

Patch Members

These members have earned the right to wear the gang’s colours and take part in illegal activities to prove loyalty.

Life Members

The long standing patch members are awarded life membership and though they are expected to take part in club activities their presence is not compulsory in the meetings.


He is not a patch member yet and is expected to prove their loyalty to the gang.