Pharmaceutical Job Hierarchy

Pharmaceutical jobs are those job positions that are found within a pharmacy company and are aimed towards the production and sales of medically allowed drugs.  A pharmaceutical company has several job positions and departments, each designated to do its own set of tasks and to fulfil its particular duties and responsibilities.  To understand the hierarchy of pharmaceutical jobs, you can go through the following given information:

A) Senior Level Job Positions

The topmost level of pharmaceutical job is the level senior level officials or executives work. These individuals or job holders are mainly responsible for the administration and management of the company and are the backbone of the organization.  There is a hierarchical system within this level of jobs of pharmaceutical and it is given as follows:

1. Pharma Company Director-This person is the head of the Pharmaceutical company and owns the legal rights to the company

2. Chief Pharma Company Executive-This is the second topmost position in a Pharma company

3. Senior Pharma Company Supervisor-This is another top position in the Pharma Company and is responsible for supervision of all other positions.

4. Head of Department of Pharma Company-The head of department heads the various departments within the company

5. National Pharma Head-This person is the head of the national Pharma distribution department.

6. Chief Medical Executive-Handles the medical related tasks and administers the manufacturing of drugs.

7. Pharma Manager-Administers the operations of manufacturing and distribution

8. Pharma Supervisor-Supervisor of Pharma company

9. Zonal Pharma Head-Head of zone

B) Middle Level Job Positions

The middle level job positions of a pharmaceutical company are those positions which work under the supervision of the senior level employees.  These professionals have to put together the tasks administered by the senior level employees.  Those working at these positions can be promoted to senior level positions with a few years of experience. The following is the hierarchy structure of middle level Pharma jobs:

  • State Pharma head
  • Pharma warehouse manager
  • Pharma inventory manager
  • Pharma accountant
  • Pharma finance executive
  • Pharma marketing manager
  • Pharma team head
  • Pharma transportation head
  • Pharma company team leader
  • Associate Pharma manager
  • Pharma company senior  PR
  • Assistant Pharma manager
  • Pharma PR
  • District Pharma head
  • Pharma consultant
  • Pharma promotion manager
  • Pharma legal expert

C) Entry Level Job Positions

The entry level job positions in a Pharma company are taken up by those individuals who may have little authority in the company but form the support system of the organization and help in the implementation of day to day tasks or operations.  The job duties of those working at entry level positions may vary from company to company but most of them have to deal with clients, get new possible orders and projects and see to it that the premises of the company runs smoothly.  The following is the hierarchy within this level.

  • City Pharma head
  • Pharma PR representatives
  • Pharma administrator
  • Pharma company executive
  • Pharma sales person
  • Pharma clerk
  • Pharma secretary
  • Pharma trainee
  • Pharma intern
  • Pharma company associate intern
  • Pharma territory head
  • Pharma assistant to administrator
  • Pharma assistant
  • Pharma technician
  • Pharma IT support executive
  • Pharma computer technician
  • Pharma electric technician

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