Private Business Hierarchy

A private business is a kind of a business that is not owned by any governmental organization but is owned and operated by an individual or a group of individuals.  A private business can be a small scale business, a medium scale enterprise or even a large scale enterprise and working with the efforts and help of several employees. No matter what the size of a private business is, it still follows a certain hierarchy structure or organizational structure on the basis of which the roles and responsibilities are divided. The following is a detailed private business hierarchy for your reference.

private business hierarchy

Managing Director

The managing director takes the topmost position in a private business and is the owner or founded of the company. He/she sets forth the various goals for the company and also sets the budget as well as the strategies to meet the goals within that budget.   With the managing director lies the main decision making powers. Under the position of the managing director come the 4 main departments of the private business and these are given as follows with their own hierarchy structure:

1. Sales and Marketing Department

Every private business company’s many goals are to make maximum sales and gain maximum profit and this is done with the help of effective marketing. This department consists of the following given positions:

  • Marketing Team head
  • Sales head
  • Assistant marketing manager
  • Assistant sales manager
  • Publicity manager
  • Advertising head
  • Area development manager
  • Regional manager
  • Regional assistant manager
  • Sales executive
  • Sales persons
  • Customer care representative

2. Production and Manufacturing Department

In order to sell something, it is important to first produce it with the best possible quality and manufacturing and this is what the production and manufacturing department is responsible of doing. The following are the job positions that can be found within this department:

  • Designing head
  •  Factory manager
  • Warehouse manager
  • Quality control manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Assistant factory manager
  • Secretary
  • Clerk

3. Human Resource Department

When it comes to hiring, recruiting and managing the salaries etc., every private business needs to hire a group of professionals who together form the Human Resources department. The following is the hierarchy of this department:

  • Senior HR manager
  • Recruiting manager
  • Hiring manager
  • Junior HR manager
  • Interviewer
  •  Secretary clerk
  • Payroll manager

4. Finance Department

The finance department is yet another department of a private business which can also be referred to as the finance and accounting department. The following are the job positions in their hierarchical structure:

  • Finance director
  • Assistant finance director
  • Financial accountant
  • Management accountant
  • Accountant
  • Junior accountants