Private Company Hierarchy

Any company that is not owned by a governmental Organisation but by an independent individual is called a private company. A private company can be a business of any level of expanse-small, medium or large and its functioning basically depends upon the industry or segment it works in. For example, a transport company’s functioning is different from the functioning of a manufacturing firm. The basic hierarchy of a private company remains same nonetheless.

The following is a detailed description of a Private Company Management hierarchy.

Managing Director

The topmost position in a private company is taken by the managing director. A managing director is basically the owner of a privately owned firm and is the one who determines the goals of the company, the budget and the marketing strategies. The main decision making power of a private company lies with a managing director. Whatever other positions are there in such a company are below this level.The following are the 4 major departments of a private company

A) Sales and Marketing Department

This is the department which handles the sales and marketing related tasks and consists of several job positions, which are given as follows:

  • Sales head
  • Marketing head
  • Assistant sales manager
  • Assistant marketing manager
  • Publicity manager
  • Advertising head
  • Sales executive
  • Sales persons
  • Customer care representative
  •  Area development manager
  • Regional manager
  • Regional assistant manager

 B) Production and Manufacturing Department

This is that department of a company which handles the manufacturing or production related tasks.  It is the responsibility of this department to get the items ready for selling. The following are the job descriptions within this department

  •  Factory manager
  • Designing head
  • Quality control manager
  • Warehouse manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Assistant factor manager
  • Clerk
  • Secretary

 C) Human Resource Department

This is that department of a company which handles the tasks related to hiring and recruiting. The HR Management is in charge of employee relations and proper salary allocation. The following are the job descriptions of this department.

  • Senior HR manager
  • Junior HR manager
  • Recruiting manager
  • Hiring manager
  • Interviewer
  •  Secretary clerk

 D) Finance Department

The finance department is one of the most important departments of a company and is related to handling of all the finances and accounts of the company. It consists of the following job descriptions

  • Management accountant
  • Finance director
  • Assistant finance director
  • Financial accountant
  • Accountant
  • Junior accountants