HR Management Hierarchy

A HR department or a Human Resource department is one of the most important departments of any organisation and is vital to the functioning of the system.  HR executives who are employed in an HR department make several types of resources available to the company and help in recruitment of new employees.

They make sure that only efficient employees are hired by the company and the hired officials bring about maximum productivity. In large companies, there are large HR departments consisting of several job positions. The following is a detailed account of the hierarchy within a HR management branch of a company.

Senior Level Human Resource Management Jobs

The senior level HR jobs management are the top level jobs in this segment of any business and these management executives take part in the decision making process. They set guidelines on the basis of which the entire HR department works and generally have several years of experience.  The following is the hierarchy of this section

  • Human resource Director
  • Chief human resource officer
  • Human resource branch manager
  • General human resource manager
  • Human resource generalist
  • Assistant human resource manager
  • Deputy director payroll and legal

Middle Level Human Resource Management Jobs

This level of HRM workers are those executives who are responsible for carrying out the instructions of senior level officials and implement the decisions made by them.  They are the ones who decide salaries, manage payrolls, and make decisions regarding growth and increments.  Within this level of HRM jobs, there are several managers handling various different work aspects. The hierarchy is given as follows:

  • Senior Human resource executive
  • Assistant director
  • Personal manager
  • Personal training manager
  • Personal manager of international relations
  • Personal manager of benefit and welfare
  • Human resource administrator
  • Executive human resource
  • Associate executive human resource
  • Assistant human resource administrator
  • Staff manager
  • Salary and wage manager
  • Industrial safety analyst
  • Human resource safety manager
  • Development and training manager
  • Human resource welfare administrator

Operational Level Human Resource Management Jobs

Entry level HRM jobs are those jobs which are given to new and fresh HR employees. They handle the most basic Human resource management job duties and work as per the instructions of their seniors. Operational level HRM executives, when promoted move onto the mid-level segment jobs.  The following are some of the major job positions in this entry level segment of HRM.

  • Employment manager
  • Recruiter
  • Human resource manager
  • Department manager
  • Human resource assistant
  • Human resource analyst
  • Human resource associate
  • Human resource trainee