Product Management Hierarchy

Product Management is a management life-cycle functioning inside a company that keenly take care of the progression, planning, forecasting as well as advertising of a product of the company and that too at all of its possible stages. Product Management hierarchy can be widely divided into 2 major parts

  • the product marketing
  • the product development

These two roles are totally different yet they two when complete executed led to a successful the product management process. Both these product management departments are equally significant for contributing towards success of the organization. Without any one process, the entire system is incomplete. So our Product Management hierarchy will be having two hierarchical structures instead of one. These two hierarchies are explained in a systematic approach starting with the highest authority in the hierarchy and ending with the lowest one. The Product Management hierarchy is explained as below in brief. Have a quick look

Product Management Hierarchy

Product Management Team Hierarchy (I)

The Product Marketing Team

 The first department in the Product Management hierarchy is of Product Marketing team. As the name implies the entire marketing and promotional activities and decisions are taken and handled by this team. The better this team works the more are the chances of success of the product since only a good executed marketing can lead to higher sales for the product and as the old business rule says, the higher the sales more is the profit and more is the success rate.

The Product Marketing team incorporates quite a few job profiles that are explained below in a downward order. Have a quick look –

  • Chief of Product Marketing
  • Product Marketing Director
  • Product Marketing Administrator
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Product Marketing Strategic Planner I
  • Lead Development Officer
  • Senior Marketing & Sales Engineer
  • Marketing &Sales Engineer
  • Product Marketing Strategic Planner II
  • Marketing Specialist I
  • Junior Marketing &Sales Engineer
  • Product Marketing Analyst
  • Inside Marketing Consultant
  • Product Marketing Associate
  • Marketing Specialist II
  • Product Marketing Delegate
  • Product Marketing Apprentice

Product Management team hierarchy (II)

The Product Development Team

The second department in the Product Management hierarchy is of Product development team. The entire product development phenomenon is under this team’s supervision and responsibility. In short the complete manufacturing process is under their duty.

The Product development team incorporates quite a few job profiles that are explained below in a downward order. Have a quick look

  • Product development Chief Executive
  • Product development Director
  • Product development Manager
  • Product development Strategic Planner
  • Product development Administrator
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • General Manager
    • Product development Designer
    • Production Inspector
      • Industrial Engineer
      • Senior Electrician
      • Manufacturing Technician
      • Electromechanical Technician
      • Manufacturing Technician
      • Manufacturing Process Engineer
      • Manufacturing Production Manager
      • Electronic Assembler
      • Master Scheduler
      • Machine Operators
        • Material Handler
        • Metal Worker
        • Junior Electrician
          • General Laborer