Publishing Job Hierarchy

A job in the publishing world is a kind of a job many dream of-writers or not. Publishing jobs are varied and diverse in their nature and work duties and to bag such a job, a candidate must be aptly qualified and skilled for it. But even in the publishing industry and companies, there is a certain hierarchical structure that is followed.

This is true for all kinds of publishing companies such as newspaper publishing, novel publishing, magazine publishing, educational books publishing etc. Each of these companies is divided into many departments with different set of tasks to be fulfilled.

publishing job hierarchy

To understand the job hierarchy in a publishing company, you can go through the following given information.

A) The Publisher

The Publisher is often the highest position job in a publishing company and the person who occupies this position is mostly the owner of the company. The main duties, powers and decision making lies with the Publisher who appoints the rest of the staff.

B) Editor in Chief

The Editor in chief enjoys the second most important job in publishing and to become an Editor in chief, one has to work his/her way up the ladder through hardwork and experience.  This job is one of most responsibility as an editor in chief is the head of all other editors.

C) Editors

The job of an editor holds utmost importance for any publishing company and there may be multiple editor job positions available in one company. An editor’s job is that of careful examination of content and editing it to create errorless work.

D) Proofreader

A proofreader’s job is somewhere down the ladder in the publishing world but it is a good position to start with. A proofreader corrects grammatical mistakes, sentence formation mistakes and other such mistakes so that the content can then be handed over to the editor for further examination.


There are many other job positions in a publishing company and these may be divided into various sections or departments. Let’s take a detailed look.

Creative Experts

There is a section dedicated to the creative team which makes sure that the books or content being published has the right visual appeal. The following are a few of the jobs in this department:

  • The comic artist
  • Page designer
  • The illustrator
  • Artist
  • Concept designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Photoshop expert
  • Visual expert
  • Photo editor

Marketing Team

Marketing jobs in the world of publishing are very creative jobs that require employees to market the books, the company, the content and also the writers. There are many marketing jobs in a publishing company and a few of them have been given as follows:

  • Marketing Team head
  • Marketing manager
  • Promotions manager
  • Advertising manager
  • Media expert
  • PR expert
  • Marketing assistant
  • Marketing secretary
  • Marketing clerk

Finance Department

To handle the accounts and finances of a publishing company, finance jobs are generated and occupied by finance and accounting experts. The following are some of the job positions that fall under this category.

  • Finance expert
  • Accountant
  • Junior accountant