Racial Hierarchy in Canada

Canada is country in the North America which has a population of 35, 985,751. Canada is a place where the population is a mixture of different races and hence, hierarchy is obvious to get formed. Though racism has reduced to a lot of extent because of new formed laws in Canada; it still exists in the minds of people as it has been practiced for centuries.

Racial Hierarchy in Canada

There have been a lot of campaigns for eradicating racism in Canada and they are indeed making a difference but breaking the hierarchy is still a long seen aim. Below given is the racial hierarchy in Canada which still exists in the minds of a lot of people:

  • Whites

The Whites have been dominating Racial Hierarchy at almost every place. No matter how much we are trying to get rid of racism, this concept of keeping Whites at the top of the racial pyramid is difficult to get wiped off from the minds of people. They are almost 75% of the total population of Canada and also considered as the most superior and most original race of the place.

  • Latin Americans

The Latin Americans races are basically the citizens of Latin American countries who have migrated to Canada for different work related or personal reasons. These countries include Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Cuba, Peru, Chile and many others around them. They are considered closest to the originals and hence, rank at the second place in the Hierarchy.

  • Asians

Asians or people from the East are often considered as backward. Many Asians have settled in Canada and are on a place in the hierarchy which is neither considered superior nor inferior. Asians include Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Bangladeshis and South-East Asians. Asians, especially Indians are high in number in Canada and they are often called as ‘Brown’ people because of their Wheatish skin color.

  • Blacks

Blacks, originally from Africa have faced atrocities and have been on the lowest level in almost every racial hierarchy. They have faced injustice like slavery, forced labor, etc. since a very long time and are still facing it. They are often mocked over their physical appearance and are called as ‘çoloured’ due to their really dark skin color. They stand at the lowest rank of racial hierarchy not only in Canada, but all over the world. Their percentage in Canada is around 2.9% out of the total population.