Racial Hierarchy Pyramid

There are a number of races in the world, and many of these races suffer from racial beliefs, which results in racial hierarchy. The racial hierarchy is a stratified system, which grows up based on the belief that some races of humankind are superior to some other races. There are racial prejudices among almost all the races, but there is a general global racial hierarchy. In the global racial hierarchical pyramid, the race that is believed to be at the top enjoys utmost power and prestige, but also has to face some resentment from the other races.

It is generally believed that the more high up one race is in the global racial pyramid, the more superior it is than the other races of the pyramid. This makes the hierarchy seem the most natural thing, because some civilizations and people are superior than the other, they should have a better place in the hierarchy pyramid. During the period between the two wars, in Europe, the dominant racism was anti Semitism, and racial nationalism. However, currently the racial hierarchy is based on color.

Racial Hierarchy Pyramid

The Whites

The whites are ranked at the peak of the hierarchical pyramid. This also means that the whites are peculiarly unaware of their racist ideas of supremacy. According to the racist white supremacists, the white have obtained the highest position of the hierarchical pyramid because they are a superior civilization, undoubtedly better than the rest of the population of the world. Since they benefit the most from this structure, they are more ignorant to the harmful effects of this type of a set up.

The Browns or the Mixed

The browns or mixed people are those who are partly white,    that is at least some part of their genealogy contain one or more white person. Due to this they consider themselves the second most important part of the social structure, next only to the pure whites. However, whites, do not consider themselves equal to this mixed people since they have a mixed bloodline.

Chinese and Japanese also consider themselves the second most superior race. However, this is limited to the Chinese and Japanese worldview only, and does not reach the global racial hierarchical pyramid status.

The Indigenous

The indigenous or the native race consists of the real sons of the soil. There are a number of indigenous races in the whole world. However, their political and social positions are not too strong. The people who belong to the higher ranks of the hierarchy exploit them insensitively, believing it to be their rights, and ignoring the rights of these people and races.

The Blacks

The blacks form the bottom rank of the pyramid. They are the most exploited race, and humiliated by most people of the human population. Racial biases often leads in tagging them as criminals. Thus, they face more humiliation than others.

Racism is one of the most serious problems that the human kind faces, but it remains largely unacknowledged. The dominant races never admit to their racial prejudices, though they take pride on their position of the pyramid.