Global Racial Hierarchy

Racism has been a major factor for inequality since centuries. It has been a major problem which has made the inferior races suffer a lot of atrocities like slavery, inequality in terms of basic rights, payment wages, food, education, civilian rights and other similar needs. There have been different structures in each country but when we look at the world as a whole, there has been a racial hierarchy consisting of 4 main races. This hierarchy is being followed since centuries all together and even after efforts being made to stop these differences, it has not made the expected difference and there are many incidences of racism and violence related to it which come into highlight.

Global Racial Hierarchy

The structure of racism hierarchy overall tells us about the approach of people in the world towards different races.

Though racism has reduced to a great extent, it still exists in the world like an epidemic and would indeed take time to get eradicated completely. Have a look at the hierarchy below:

  1. White+ European

This race of people has been considering themselves the most superior ones since centuries. The Whites mainly include those with a White skin complexion, who are mainly the Europeans. They have conducted a lot of injustice on other inferior races and have ruled over them, tortured them and have kept them as slaves. They often call other races as ‘colored’, for have a darker skin color.

  1. Brown or Mixed

The Brown or Mixed race people are those with a Brown skin complexion. This mainly includes Asians or the people from the Middle East. Asian racial have a Brownish or Wheatish skin complexion and hence, this is the name given to the people. Mixed race people are those whose parents belong to different races. Asians are also categorized into a different race and often called as ‘exotic’ because of their small eyes.

  1. Indigenous

This population consists of the tribal and other rural and native people of the world. They consist of over 5% population in the world and over 15% population of the world’s most poor people. They are often treated as the underdeveloped and rural or ancient people, who are still not at all aware of modern concepts, technology, education system, economy etc. They have a different lifestyle which is completely dependent on nature and their efforts to get into development are being crushed because of these racial differences.

  1. Black + African

This is one of the most tortured and mistreated race in the world. Because of their tall heights, body structure and facial features, the other races call them as a primitive race, or the ones who look closest to the apes. They have been mocked and offended by people all over the world since centuries and they have been used as free labour and sex slaves since a very long time. Because of the amount of inequality shown towards them, they are still being considered as the lowest race in the world.